Meghan Markle’s due date is NOT what you think! Why we all got it wrong!

Step forward one Missy Higgins to explain her royal blooper.
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We all know that Duchess Meghan is due to give birth in April next year, right? WRONG!

For it turns out that this most juicy of nuggets of information which came from popstar, Missy Higgins, was not only incorrect but um, made up.

WATCH: Missy admits her Royal stuff-up on TV in the player above.

Yes, a simple caption which Missy added to an Instagram picture of the two women together at a reception in Sydney while the Duchess and Prince Harry were on a whistle stop 16-day Royal Tour of Australia and the South Pacific was repeated around the globe as news outlets caught on to the “fact” that the Royal mum-to-be had just let slip when Baby Sussex was due to be born.

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Maybe the singer should explain…

“I just made it up,” Higgins told The Project team when they quizzed her on her supposed royal scoop last night.

“I read somewhere that people had worked out that she was three-to-four months pregnant because she said she was due in the Spring,” the singer said of her meeting with Meghan at Admiralty House.

Oops! Missy Higgins ‘fesses up on The Project last night. (Image: Channel 10)

“So I just wrote that without even thinking, because I thought, ‘everyone knows she’s about four months’ pregnant,’ and then it was all over newspapers in England and France.”

“Yeah no, we weren’t hanging out like best buds and she wasn’t telling me her deepest secrets,” the singer admitted.

Both the Duchess and Prince Harry cooed over baby Luna. (Image: Instagram/@missyhigginsmusic)

“She was just asking about Luna and how it’s all going and you know, she was super sweet,” Higgins recalled, who had her adorable nine-week-old baby daughter in tow when she was introduced to the Royal couple.

“And then we met Harry afterwards and he squeezed Luna’s little chubby legs and said ‘who’s this little cutie’ and he made some joke about never having being seen in the same room as Ed Sheeran because they’re both redheads — he was charming!”

WATCH: Missy Higgins meeting Duchess Meghan and the start of the baby due date speculation

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Of course, it’s not the first time Royal watchers have pounced on the slightest clue to work out just when the new Royal baby is likely to make his or her (or ‘their’ if reports of twins are anything to go by!) appearance.

Ever since Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan announced that they were expecting, the world has been in a royal baby frenzy.

Arriving in Sydney for their Royal Tour Down Under, Kensington Palace (finally) announced that the Duchess was expecting a baby in “Spring” next year (Northern Hemisphere time).

While no other details were delivered (excuse the pun), speculation is already at an all-time high about when she is due – with Sportsbet already opening the bids.

Some eagle eye fans noticed that Meghan was sporting a new diamond ring sitting between two other rings that hold her and Harry’s birthstones.

Stepping out at an event for the Invictus Games on Cockatoo Island, Meghan wore three new rings by Canadian brand Ecksand.

In the Tweet posted by @duchyofSuccess, it seems the stacked rings represent Meghan’s August birthday – a green peridot stone, Harry’s September birthday – a blue sapphire, and the baby’s speculated April due date – represented by the month’s diamond birthstone – which would all have tied in with Missy’s pronouncement if only it had been true!

Further speculation surrounding the due date came from HELLO!‘s Royal Editor Emily Nash trying to narrow it down.

“By my calculations, the baby is due in late April,” Emily explained.

That would mean Baby Sussex would be a year apart in age from cousin Prince Louis, who was born on the very British date of April 23rd this year which is also St George’s Day.

But the truth is, we still don’t really know when Meghan and Harry’s baby will arrive and it’s been that way since the rumour mill about an impending pregnancy announcement went into overdrive when the popular royals first touched down in Australia for their tour.

Fuel was added to the fire with the fact that despite the long-haul flight to warmer climes, the Duchess of Sussex once again opted to wear a bulky overcoat.

But it was the strategic placement of two large folders across her stomach that sent royal watchers into a tizz; a tizz which proved to be justified when the pregnancy was finally announced minutes later. At least we all got that bit right!

One thing we can safely say is that there is a royal bub on the way… in March, April or May 2019!

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