Harry and Meghan’s new project in Canada is proof that nothing has changed, and why it never will

As they step back from their royal duties, Meghan and Harry have been working hard behind the scenes.
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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry might have stepped back from royal life in a formal capacity, but at the crux of it, nothing much has changed.

The pair are starting to set up a base in Canada while they transition from their current roles as senior royal family members to become financially independent, without their HRH titles, and the world has had many questions as to what they’ll do now.

From various local businesses jokingly offering up part time jobs, to running away with baby Archie and hiding from the world altogether – the rumour mill has swirled with possibilities.

But the pair have just made a move on Instagram, one of their first big reveals since they both arrived in Canada, and it’s proved that at the end of the day, nothing is going to change.

For Meghan and Harry, it’s business as usual.


On Thursday morning, Harry and Meghan shared an Instagram story detailing Bell Let’s Talk, which is a mental health initiative which takes place in Canada.

The story described #BellLetsTalk Day, “Where people around the world are taking action and creating positive conversations about mental health”.

The couple added: “We are so happy to be supporting Bell’s mental health campaign, each time you watch bell_letstalk official video on Instagram, Bell will donate 5 cents towards Canadian mental health initiatives. So please share, please talk and be part of the solution.”

Harry and Meghan shared an Instagram story about mental health initiative, Bell Lets Talk.

The Canada-based post is the first time the pair have gone public with a charitable initiative in the North American country.

This certainly suggests Harry and Meghan are likely planning to stay in Canada for the long haul as they establish their work there.

What it also tells us is that, despite the world reeling from what seemed like a shock decision to step back, nothing is really going to change for the pair.

As a working royal family member, Prince Harry was always deeply passionate about mental health, even spearheading a new organisation alongside his brother Prince William and Duchess Catherine – Heads Together.

William, Kate and Harry launched Heads Together, a campaign that supports people suffering from mental health.


That’s why it doesn’t come as a huge surprise to see the Prince continuing to shine a light on mental health causes, even from his new home and life outside of the confines of royal duties.

Meghan has also made her intentions clear in regards to her work after stepping back.

Already, she was spotted visiting two Canadian social organisations working for the greater good.

Earlier this month, the 38-year-old was pictured visiting the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre in Vancouver, which is based in one of the poorest areas of the country.

That same day, images emerged of the Duchess popping in to visit Justice for Girls, spearheaded by a group of women who champion causes such as equality and climate change.

Hinging on the simple fact that within weeks of stepping back, the pair are already utilising their status and history as charitable ambassadors speaks volumes.

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Harry and Meghan have also launched a website,, which will no doubt highlight some of the charitable projects the pair are working on.

“After carefully considering a number of foundation models, and having researched the incredible work of many well known and lesser known foundations, The Duke and Duchess are actively working to create something different – a charitable entity that will not only help complement these efforts, but also advance the solutions the world needs most,” the website reads.

It also references Harry and Meghan’s current patronages they have as part of being members of the royal family.

“They will continue to prioritise these causes, alongside the separate patronages that form part of their proud duty to The Monarchy,” the website description continues.

Yep, we think it safe to say everyone need not panic – because there’s virtually no sign of Harry and Meghan going rogue and disappearing any time soon.

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