Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have a crucial new royal role to tackle together

The two Duchesses face a difficult task.
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It would be safe to say that 2019 has been a whopper of a year for the royals.

And while royal babies and weddings galore were an undeniable sweetener for the famed British institution, there was an undercurrent of distinctive unrest – and it well and truly reared its head this year.

The royals have had a big year.


There was Harry and Meghan’s unprecedented documentary, where the pair laid bare their struggles as they dealt with constant media scrutiny.

Then there was the “train wreck” interview featuring Prince Andrew, where he attempted to clear up his connection to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

And all the while, it was business as usual for the royals as the headlines raged.

That’s why it mightn’t come as a surprise that two key royal family members could now be relied upon to “save” the royal family.

Meghan and Kate might have a crucial role to play in 2020.


Ever since Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton were even slightly connected to the royal family, the world was intrigued.

You can’t deny these two royal mums have a sense of style, grace and ease that we can’t look away from.

Now, the stylish in-laws may utilise their influence to “support the Queen” and propel the royals into a positive sphere.

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Speaking to Closer magazine, respected royal commentated Katie Nicholl said: “I think after a festive break, both Kate and Meghan will know that joint ventures to support the Queen are not only part of their duty, but also good for the public image.”

She added that Kate is fully aware of the pressure that’s on her and Meghan to save the royal family.

Nicholl explained that we could even see the Fab Four get together to put on a “united front” in the wake of Prince Andrew’s scandal.

“The Queen turns 94 this year and there’s a plan in place to relieve her of her pressures, which is why she’s calling on the four to step up,” she said.

The Queen could be calling on the Fab Four to step up.


Earlier in 2019, the Fab Four split their households in a move that sent shock waves through the world.

Looking back now, the move made sense for the foursome, who are now embarking on separate journeys with their own charities.

Nicholl added that Kate has a knack for teamwork, and her experience in the royal family will do her well in the task of uniting the two couples.

“Kate’s been in the royal family a lot longer than Meghan and she has a natural tendency for teamwork,” she said.

“If there’s a chance to make a secret pact with Meghan to team up more, she will want to do that.”

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