The Duchess of Camera-bridge: Kate praised by royal photographer

Duchess Catherine, who is quite the shutterbug, often sharing her own personal shots of the kids, has just received the royal seal approval for her snaps!
Duchess Catherine

The 34-year-old received a glowing endorsement from the Queen’s photographer, Hugo Rittson Thomas.

Speaking to HELLO! Online, Hugo praised the mum, saying: “She is knowledgeable about the techniques of photography, as her recent published photographs of Prince George and Princess Charlotte amply demonstrate.”

The artist also told People, “I thought they were wonderful pictures, beautifully shot.”

Catherine most recently snapped her little Princess in celebration of her first birthday.

Hugo Rittson Thomas is very impressed with Catherine’s skill, admitting if things were different she would have been an amazing photographer.

“She captured the joy, happiness and youth of her children which is a wonderful thing and sometimes hard to do as a parent.”

Catherine created a new tradition by taking the first official photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte together in May last year, shortly after Charlotte was born.

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She has since snapped sweet shots of Prince George’s first day at the Westacre Montessori school, followed up with beautiful photos of Charlotte which were released to mark her six-month and first birthday.

The future Queen studied art history at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and royal watchers will have noticed that she is a keen photographer who is often seen on royal tours clicking away on her Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

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As someone who regularly photographs the royals, particularly Queen Elizabeth, Hugo was moved by Catherine’s keen interest in his work.

Huge recounted to Hello how Kate was “kind enough” to “come and inspect the “specially blacked out set” he had prepared during one session back in 2012 when he was snapping her husband Prince William.

“The Duke of Cambridge posed at Windsor Castle wearing the frock coat of Colonel of Irish Guards, on the occasion of presenting the shamrock to his regiment at their barracks in Aldershot,” he recalled.

Artist, Hugo revealed Queen Elizabeth was a joy to capture on camera.

“I was quite taken aback by her knowledge of photography. She asked a lot of technical questions about what I was doing and the set up – she almost caught me out a few times actually!”

“If circumstances had been different, she could definitely have had a career in photography – she has a lot of talent!”

Before describing their time together as, “an enormous privilege and honour.”

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