We’re convinced Neighbours’ Toadie Rebecchi is simultaneously the luckiest and unluckiest-in-love character of all time

Doppelgängers, death and a serious mullet.

By Maddison Hockey
Ryan Moloney may not have been on the show the longest of all his co-stars (although 27 years certainly is a commendable feat) but he is one of Neighbours most recognisable faces.
From his 90s mullet, to his goatie, and even his nickname Toadfish - aka Toadie - his character Jarrod Rebecchi is an Aussie icon.
Despite being the poster child for party shirts and a somewhat 'bogan' suburbia, Toadie has managed to romance some of Ramsay Street's most beautiful women.
From Dee Bliss to Sonya Mitchell, it's safe to say he's been a pretty lucky guy.
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And yet he's also dubbed one of the unluckiest-in-love characters of all time. We're almost convinced he must have been hexed by a jilted ex because Toadie's relationships seem to always end in disaster – literally!
But tonight, as the beloved soap comes to an end, Toadie is overjoyed to be tying the knot with his partner, Mel (Lucinda Cowden). However, it wouldn't be a Neighbours wedding if there wasn't a dramatic setback.
In the lead up to the epic finale, with plenty of returning famous faces, we're rounding up some of Toadie's greatest and equally tragic love stories.
Party shirts and mullets. (Image: Supplied)

Dee Bliss

After finding love with the gorgeous Dee Bliss, played by Madeline West, the couple tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony that culminated in one of television's most memorable moments.
After exchanging vows Toadie and Dee should have driven off into the sunset, instead the lost control of their car and drove straight off a cliff.
The shock accident saw Dee mysteriously disappear, washed away in the current and presumed dead for 15 years.
We'll never forget this moment.

Dee Bliss 2.0 aka Andrea Somers

The mystery of Dee's death was revived when she seemingly returned in 2017 as doppelgänger con artist Andrea Somers.
In the following two years the Andrea-Dee mystery rattled fans, and Toadie.
"I'd been approached to come back several times," Madeleine told TV WEEK in 2019. "At first, it was just as a doppelgänger [Andrea]. But that storyline was received with so much enthusiasm that producer Jason [Herbison] said, 'It's time for Dee to come back.'"
And back to Ramsay Street Dee came.
In another bizarre twist Dee was alive and well, and it turns out, was the twin of Andrea Somers – the duo had been separated at birth.
That's a lot of whiplash for poor Toadie.
Andrea was eventually locked up. (Image: Supplied)

Sonya Rebecchi

Sonya should have been the woman Toadie grew old with. As though it were fated to be Sonya arrived in 2009 as a dog trainer for Toadie and his adopted son Callum's new puppy.
In a surprise twist Sonya was revealed to be Callum's biological mother.
Sonya and Jarrod fell in love, eventually wed and had a daughter, Nell, before tragedy struck.
Sonya was diagnosed with cancer and in gut-wrenching scenes, after a long battle with the disease, she died in Toadie's arms on the beach. We're still not okay.
Eve was nominated for a Gold Logie for her final year on Neighbours. (Image: Ten)

Steph Scully

Toadie fell for Steph the moment she arrived on Ramsay Street in 1999. With Lance also vying for the newcomer's attention she had to let both men down.
Years later feelings were reignited when the duo became roommates, but it took Toadie being shot in the back during a siege for Steph to realise she loved him.
It was never quite the right time for the pair, although they did get hitched at one point. But, sadly not for love, rather as part of an elaborate plot to cover up Steph's pregnancy after an affair with her best friend's husband!
It was never the right time for the best friends. (Image: Supplied)

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