Neighbours just confirmed the news we all suspected and feared – Nicholas Coghlan is leaving the show


By Maddison Hockey
It may not come as a surprise to fans given the storylines currently playing out on Neighbours but it make the news no less sombre that Nicholas Coghlan, who plays Shane Rebecchi on the show, is leaving for good.
While Sharon Johal, who plays Shane's wife Dipi, revealed she'd be leaving the soap weeks ago, no official confirmation on Nicholas' fate had been revealed.
After a tumultuous year – and an hilarious wrestling match between brothers Shane and Toadie– Shane and Dipi are heading back to Sydney from Melbourne to reunite with their children Jay and Kirsha.
The on screen departure will mirror that of real life as both actors say goodbye to the show.
Shane and Dipi say goodbye to Ramsay Street! (Channel Ten)
Jason Herbison, Neighbours executive producer confirmed the news with TV Tonight.
"From their opening scenes four years ago, Sharon and Nick were completely committed to their characters and performance.
They embraced some really challenging storylines as well as capturing loads of fun moments which have endeared them to the Neighbours audience here and in the UK," he told the publication.
Jason also confirmed this isn't the last we'll be seeing of Sharon, with her character already due to return for a guest appearance.
"While Shane and Dipi are moving on for now, like all our families on Ramsay Street, the door is always open and in fact Sharon will be returning for guest appearance very soon."
The show won't be the same without these two! (Channel Ten)
Sharon took to her Instagram to share the sad news of her departure in early March, and frankly we're still coming to terms with it.
"Goodbye," Sharon began her sombre post.
"It is with sadness I've announced today that I will be leaving @neighbours."
"Some of you may have seen this coming but to be honest I put the motions into play over a year ago. A number of reasons brought me to here, however inevitably my ambition for growth has ultimately been the decider."
The actress will be moving behind the camera on set and has already been "shadow-directing".

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