EXCLUSIVE: Why Barry Du Bois' cameo on Neighbours reminded him of The Truman Show

''It was amazing.''

By Laura Masia
Fans know Barry Du Bois best for his co-hosting role on The Living Room, but the famed television presenter is about to hit screens again - this time on Neighbours!
Earlier this month it was announced Barry would enjoy a special cameo role on the soap, which will air its finale on August 1.
In his brief Neighbours stint, Barry enjoys a meet-cute with Amy, who was feeling down after being stood up on a date.
In his brief Neighbours stint, Barry bumps into Amy, who was stood up on a date she had organised. (Image: Ten)
However, Amy soon discovers that Barry is married. Despite her bad luck, she remains optimistic about her romantic future.
Speaking exclusively to TV WEEK, Barry shares his shock and excitement at being asked to take part in the show.
"I gotta tell you, when I got the request to join the cast of Neighbours as a cameo as me, they said I'd play a hot 40-year-old tradie and I don't know how they characterised that because I'm 62-years old," he says.
"But it was amazing. Seeing the whole set, and seeing how hard people worked to make the whole show, and then to be part of it and part of history."
Barry co-hosts The Living Room with Amanda Keller, Dr Chris Brown and Miguel Maestre. (Image: Ten)
"The fact is, when you see Lassiters and the real estate agent, it reminded me of being on The Truman Show."
The famed builder also gushes over The Living Room, which he co-hosts alongside Amanda Keller, Dr Chris Brown and Miguel Maestre.
"Every Friday night people choose to invite us into their living room and that's a very special thing. Very few people get to experience that," he says.
"We are very lucky. We're friends, there's no doubt about that and we get invited into peoples rooms.
"They're not tuning in to watch a circus or a train wreck, they're tuning in because they want to be with their mates. It's a wonderful feeling."
In April, Barry told TV WEEK that his ongoing battle with plasmacytoma, a cancer of the immune system, is helped by the never-ending support of the fans.
"There are a whole lot of people that love us and that's one of the gifts that has kept me strong. I'm really proud to say that I have been through some ups and downs but that love keeps us strong," he said at the time.
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