Things are about to get ridiculously good looking! The full Zoolander 2 trailer is here

Ready. Set. Pout! The wait is finally over, the first official trailer for the Zoolander 2 sequel has landed.

By Chloe Lal
It’s been 15 years in the making, and it’s time to get your blue steel ready because your favourite ridiculously good looking models are back.
Ben Stiller, who portrays the pursed lips model Derek Zoolander, has returned with his frenemy-turned-bestie Hansel McDonald, played by Owen Wilson, for the long awaited sequel.
The boys are strutting their stuff down the runway with a barrage of hilarious one-liners following suit.
But now Zoolander and Hansel are tasked with a mission far more important than to just look good. This time around, they are out to save the world…or the beautiful people at least.
Can you believe we last saw Derek Zoolander in 2001? He still knows how to nail that Blue Steel!
The fabulous two minute trailer features a range of famous and new faces like Penelope Cruz, Kristen Wiig, Justin Bieber and even a gender-fluid Benedict Cumberbatch. But it is the return of one character that has us all squealing with delight, Will Ferrell’s Mugatu!
It appears the fashion forward madman has spent the last few years stewing in prison, plotting his glorious revenge.
With Zoolander revealing on Instagram that “the real movie is like at least 11 million times longer” than the trailer – we expect it will be a ridiculously good time!
The film, directed by Ben and written by Jen Aniston's hubby, Justin Theroux, will be out in February 2016.
Watch the trailer in the video player above
The fabulous sequel, written by Jennifer Aniston's hubby, Justin Theroux will features a range of famous faces like Penelope Cruz and even a gender-fluid Benedict Cumberbatch.

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