The Princess Switch has landed on Netflix and people are LOVING it

“The Princess Switch is complete trash and I loved every cringey second of it”

By Tina Burke
Netflix's latest Christmas offering, The Princess Switch, is everything you want it to be.
The "so-bad-it's-good" film is a re-imagining of the classic The Prince and the Pauper tale, starring Vanessa Hudgens as both everyday American 'gal Stacy De Novo and Lady Margaret Delacourt, Duchess of Montenaro.
It also stars Nick Sager as Stacy's best friend Kevin Richards, and Nashville's Sam Palladio as Margaret's fiancé Prince Edward.
From left: Nick Sager, Vanessa Hudgens (x2) and Sam Palladino star in The Princess Switch.
Stacy scores a royal invitation to compete in a Christmas cake baking competition in the (fictional) kingdom of Belgravia, which is how she manages to cross paths with the Duchess of (equally fictional) Montenaro. When they notice they look like the exact same person, Stacy and Margaret trade places for a few days after a brief makeover montage.
The Princess Switch is certainly knocking it out of the park with cliché lines and every Christmas rom-com trope you could possibly think of.
There's a wise old man who says "Christmas wishes have been known to come true" in a very mysterious way. A kid who asks Santa for "a new mother" for Christmas. A cheesy snowball fight with absolutely zero competitiveness or injuries. Complete with two made up European countries where everyone speaks with a crisp British accent… for some reason. This film has got it all.
"Look how much fun snowball fights are!"
Of course, The Princess Switch also offers up a bunch of hilarious moments simply by being low-budget.
There's the questionable "royal" wardrobe, there's a GAZEBO in the middle of a PALACE, and a royal wedding that looks like it was designed by high school students for their next play. But, this all just adds to the fun.
What (and I can not stress this enough) the hell is this?
Viewers have a lot to say, and they've taken to Twitter to share their hilarious – and heartfelt – thoughts on the film
The Princess Switch is streaming on Netflix now. And, much like the below still from the film, it's got an enthusiastic (yet cringey) thumbs up from this writer.
Same, girl.

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