Matt LeBlanc’s daughters stole a kiss from Prince Harry!

How you doin’, Prince Harry?

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
On Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Matt LeBlanc revealed that he recently took his daughter Marina, 12, and his stepdaughter, Jacqueline, 21, backstage at a Bruce Springsteen concert in London.
But it wasn’t the legendary rocker they were excited to meet…
While at the event, the family happened to run into Prince Harry!
Speaking with host Ellen DeGeneres, the 49-year-old Friends alum said, "I was filming in London for Top Gear and James Burrows was in town – the director who directed the first episode of Friends."
"He had tickets to see [Bruce] Springsteen at Wembley Stadium – who he's friends with, so he invited me to go.”
He continued, "Since my daughter and stepdaughter were in town, we all went to the gig. We all went backstage then into the hospitality suite to meet Bruce - and Prince Harry was there.”
“So at the end of the night Prince Harry gives my daughter and stepdaughter a kiss goodnight on the cheek - and they were both just so floored."
Hilariously, Matt, who is currently starring in the sitcom Man with a Plan, added, “I got no kiss myself."
WATCH: Matt LeBlanc recalls the moment his daughter stole a kiss from much-love royal, Prince Harry. Post continues after video...
Matt, who is perhaps most well known for his portrayal of Friends character Joey Tribbiani in the '90s and early '00s, explained that the run-in was a welcomed surprise.
While speaking with the 58-year-old talk show host, Matt revealed that nowadays it’s "hard to impress" his two daughters.
In fact, daughter Marina almost never watches reruns of the iconic sitcom that made her dad famous.
"Does she know that her dad is cool, like everybody like thinks you're cool 'cause you're a celebrity?" Ellen asked him.
"I don't think she thinks I'm too cool, no," Matt said of Marina.
Could this be any sadder? Little Marina has no interest in the sitcom that made her dad famous.
"I think her friends at school watch Friends now — that's about the age they get into it — but she can't be bothered. She just could not care less. She's seen it, but it's her dad. She sees me enough. It's like overdose."
"But...she's seen the show?" DeGeneres asked.
"Yeah, she's seen it, yeah, yeah, but it's her dad. She sees me enough...she's like, 'Overdose on my dad, I don't want that,’" Matt explained.
"I guess that would be weird to watch the show, that's your dad and then you come in the room and you're right there," DeGeneres added.
Matt shares Marina with ex-wife Melissa McKnight who he divorced from in 2006, following three years of marriage.
The pair split amicably and Matt still remains involved in the lives of Melissa's other children, Tyler, 25, and Jacqueline, 21, from a previous marriage.

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