Everyone’s favourite movie, Jumanji, is getting a Hollywood remake!

Sony Pictures casually announced this epic news today

Sony Pictures today confirmed that 16 new movies had been given a release date – including a remake of Jumanji, the 1990s Robin Williams movie that captured hearts across the world.
Nostalgia appears to be the theme for their latest raft of movies, which also includes a remake of Ghostbusters, third and fourth instalments to Bad Boys, and a movie adaptation of the life of Barbie.
But it’s Jumanji take two that has film buffs in meltdown today. It has been given the tentative release date of Christmas 2016, and now the rumour mill is sure to turn to who will be cast in the hotly anticipated remake.
It’s hard to believe that anyone can live up to the late Robin Williams’ role in the fantasy adventure film, in which a board game comes to life and sparks a fascinating chain of events (including giant mosquitoes and a gaggle of monkeys taking over a suburban kitchen) centering around Williams’ character Alan Parrish.
Something tells us that it will be a real roll of the dice when it comes to casting this movie to live up to fan expectations…

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