Holy Velociraptor! The final trailer for Jurassic World is epic

It hits cinemas later this week and if the trailer is anything to go by, Jurassic World will blow your mind!

By Blake Nadilo
The Jurassic Park series has never disappointed with its blockbuster action, incredible visual effects and hints of comedy – so naturally we are expecting T-Rex sized things from the latest installment in the wildly successful franchise.
Without giving too much away, the final preview for the action-packed film gives audiences a taste of what to expect, and it’s pretty amazing.
The visuals alone are simply breath-taking and the impressive cast, including Chris Pratt and The Help’s Bryce Dallas Howard, has got us hook, line and sinker.
Although the plot line for the film isn’t entirely clear as yet, it seems it has to do with the Dinosaur parks latest creation, a genetically modified Indominous Rex and it’s big and angry.
What we do know is that Jurassic World is set 22 years after the tragic events that took place at Jurassic Park.
The Dinosaur theme park is now a fully functional tourist destination, as it was anticipated to be, but falling visitor rates cause the park to make some changes which, according to the trailer, backfire in the most enormous waya!
Take a look at the incredible trailer in the player above and prepare to have your mind blown!

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