Here's what happened when I met a real life Netflix Rom-Com star

Be still my beating heart!

By Anita Lyons
Walking into an interview with a Netflix rom-com star is like a date with The Bachelor but on steroids.
And when I was tasked with chatting to one of Australia's breakout stars, Adam Demos, about his new Netflix film Falling Inn Love, it was hard not to feel just a little nervy.
But it wasn't his star status that had be me thrown (after all, interviewing celebs is a major part of my job) but it was the character that he played that had me going ga-ga.
You see, as preparation for this interview, I snuggled up under a doona on a Friday night and watched the film in which Adam stars with superstar Christina Milian. And from start to finish, it was as romantic as ever!
In a story as old as rom-com time, newly-single American Gabriela wins an inn in a quaint New Zealand town that's inhabited by some very fun and interesting characters. This of course includes the town's contractor and volunteer firefighter Jake Taylor (Demos).
After partnering with Jake to fix the mess that is the inn, romance ensues as we watch the pair fall "inn" love. Cute right?
Christina Milian and Adam in "Falling Inn Love". (Source: Netflix)
But as an avid romantic comedy watcher, it feels a little odd when you come face-to-face with the leading man in real life - so much so, that it's hard not to mistake him for the character he plays in the flick.
In fact, when I met Adam, one of the most down-to-earth guys you'll ever meet, my heart rate (as told by my FitBit) was alarmingly high.
I half expected him to be donning a tradie belt and have to rush off to fight a fire during our chat - forgetting that actually, he was an actor, playing a part in the film.
Adam very graciously used his incredibly long arms to take a selfie with me. Swoon. (Source: Supplied/Now to Love)
During our ten minutes of power, Adam told me that the film had a lot of "heart", which I agreed with.
He also told me an incredibly funny anecdote about listening to Christina Milian's AM to PM and Dip It Low during backyard BBQs in his home suburb of Dapto, which was surreal because now he was starring in a film alongside her.
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But it was when I decided to ask about his diet and exercise regime, I got a little shaky - complimenting him about his "ripped abs", and asking how he got them.
I'll tell you one thing, this was not my finest moment. In fact, Adam even quipped that I was "stuttering" which for someone as confident as me was very disarming.
Despite the fact that it was one of those bury your head in the sand type moments, this rom-com star was utterly professional and politely answered my question while I secretly died inside.
Adam plays Jake Taylor, a tradie in a quaint NZ town. (Source: Netflix)
Adam doesn't have a "specific thing" besides putting that pizza down, but says "there's no greater motivation then when you see in the script that you're going to have to take your shirt off". Amen.
There's a reason that we fall for these characters in a romantic-comedy and thus, make these actors the superstars they are.
Often, for me anyway, the leading man of a Netflix rom-com is a hyped up version of a man that is just a little bit out of reach. They're handy with a tool belt, kind, generous with their time, a little broken and a lot sexy - so it's no wonder that meeting them in real life can be a bit daunting.
But at the end of the day, Adam is just a sweet, down-to-earth guy with a huge passion for acting - and that in itself is pretty dreamy.