The Absolutely Fabulous trailer is here and it's AMAZING

Edina and Patsy are back with a bang and making a mess of things as usual!

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley make their fashionable return as Eddy and Patsy in the new full-length trailer for Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie.
The beloved Brits are still living the high life, making their way round the top hangouts of London while continuing to irritate Eddy’s sensible daughter Saffy, played by Julia Sawalha.
Watch the hilarious trailer in the player above!
The trailer opens with a familiar sight of PR guru Edina falling out a car, after another wild night on the town.
The clip sees the comedy duo embark on a mission to sign up model Kate Moss, after they find out she is changing her PR.
"We've got to get her, Kate Moss darling!" Shouts Patsy in the teaser.
Supermodel Kate Moss has a starring role in the film.
But the plot to advance their career status with the model takes a disastrous turn, as Eddy is accused of killing Kate Moss when she is knocked into the River Thames.
The A-list cast doesn’t stop with Kate Moss. Joining the fun in the hilarious movie is Stella McCartney, Emma Bunton, Lily Cole, Jon Hamm, Joan Collins and Rebel Wilson to name a few.
Aussie fans of the hit TV series will have to wait until August 11th before the movie hits the big screen.
So get the Bollinger at the ready!
From Emma Bunton, Lily Cole and Stella McCartney - the film is overflowing with A-list cameos!

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