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Trouble in paradise for Tori and Christian? Explosive secrets set to test Home and Away’s favourite couple

''He's got his own past, but there's also things that are following him that he doesn't even know.''

By Bella Brennan
It's the blossoming romance that has captivated fans on Home And Away.
But it looks like Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee) and Christian Green's relationship is set to be seriously tested if this latest interview with actor Ditch Davey is anything to go by.
In a new interview with UK entertainment website Digital Spy, Ditch, who plays Summer Bay's top neurosurgeon Dr Green, has confirmed the doctor's past will come back to haunt him on the show.
"Of course he's got secrets, and there's some things that will come up that he doesn't even know about," Ditch told the outlet.
"He's got his own past, but there's also things that are following him that he doesn't even know. He finds out when the audience does!"
As for whether viewers will ultimately end up liking Christian, who is the embodiment of a cocky doctor, Ditch remains hopeful.
"I think that they will, I hope they will! He's not there to upset anyone, he's there to help and I think that that will come through," the 48-year-old admitted.
"He may go about things in a particular way and he may be abrasive from time to time, but his heart's in the right place. He is someone you would want in your corner."
Ditch Davey, who plays Christian Green on the show, has hinted at some explosive secrets set to rock Summer Bay's newest couple. (Image: Channel 7)
Opening up about Tori and Christian's romance on Home And Away, which came about because the neurosurgeon had been looking after Tori's brother Justin as he receives care for a tumour on his spine, Ditch says his character has fallen hard for the charismatic mother-of-one.
"Tori made the first move with Christian and I think it's right in character for Christian. He wasn't there for anything other than to help Justin out, and because he does just that, she let her guard down and they ended up in a situation that he didn't even dream of!"
"His mind and his heart then started to open and he now sees Tori as this beautiful, funny, intelligent woman, rather than just Justin's sister. He sees her," he said.
"I think they do make a good match. The main hurdle will be the both of them being able to find a space within their lives for each other for a relationship to work."
"He now sees Tori as this beautiful, funny, intelligent woman, rather than just Justin's sister." (Image: Channel 7)
As their relationship develops, Christian has been starting to become an important part of Tori's one-year-old daughter Grace's life.
Ditch believes his character is willing to be a present father figure in the little girl's life and hasn't ruled out the couple starting their own family together.
"He's aware and he's willing to take that on. He treads softly around it but it's certainly not a barrier to him."
"His previous relationship broke down because his ex-wife didn't want a family and the trouble was that he did. So it's certainly not going to get in the way of him exploring the relationship or the possibility of a relationship with Tori."
Fans have fallen in love with Tori and Christian - but will their romance go the distance? (Image: Channel 7)
The star also lifted the lid on the many challenges that come with playing a doctor.
"Playing a doctor and trying to make it look fluid and cool like you see all of the other on-screen doctors, it's very difficult! Sometimes when you're in the hospital all day and you're doing procedure after procedure with all the terminology, your mouth just stops working," Ditch laughed.
"Trying to get the x-rays into the x-ray box – that can be a recipe for disaster! You have to have a sense of humour and patience, as it can all be very funny."
Ditch had nothing but praise for his co-star Penny McNamee, calling the actress "an absolute dream to work with."
"I couldn't have asked for better. She's lovely to work with, giggles her way through the day, and she's also very professional. She's a wonderful acting partner."

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