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Busted! Tane lands himself in hot water with a new fling on Home and Away

Tane moves on from his split with Ziggy in record time, but has he just made things even more complicated?

By Stephen Downie
It didn't take Tane long to move on, did it? After breaking up with Ziggy, Tane has a one-night stand with a mysterious Summer Bay newcomer in this week's Home And Away.
But when a shirtless Tane (Ethan Browne) tries to sneak away the next morning, he realises new girl Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is hot cop Cash's (Nicholas Cartwright) sister.
And we know Tane doesn't have a great track record with the police. How did he land himself in hot water?
Caught in the act! Tane is sprung trying to sneak out of Felicity's place. Image: Channel Seven
Tane is reeling from his break-up with Ziggy (Sophie Dillman). The pair called it quits last week when Ziggy found out her ex, Dean (Patrick O'Connor), was injured in the car crash and feared she would lose him.
"Ziggy realised in that moment that she couldn't live without Dean," Sophie, 28, tells TV WEEK.
This week, Ziggy visits Dean in hospital and drops the bombshell that she and Tane are over, before fleeing the ward. Later, when she returns, Ziggy finally tells Dean how she really feels. The pair share a magic kiss.
But here's the kicker – what neither of them know is that Tane sees it all. And you can imagine how he reacts when he catches up with the Zig-ster.
"Ziggy is devastated about their break-up," Sophie reveals. "Tane has done nothing wrong and she never wanted to hurt him. She loves him, and he was such a great boyfriend and person, but she can't help still loving Dean."
Ziggy feels awful for hurting Tane. Image: Channel Seven
Later, Tane, trying to haul himself out of his break-up funk, hits the nightclub, where he claps eyes on Felicity. She flirts up a storm with Tane and, before long, they're drinking the night away together.
Showing she has quite the wild side, Felicity jumps up on the bar and starts dancing Coyote Ugly-style. Next thing you know, she and Tane are together at her place.
But the next morning, as Tane tries to sneak out of her bedroom, he bumps into the very person he didn't want to see: Felicity's brother and housemate, Cash.
Cash is not impressed with finding Tane at his place. Image: Channel Seven
Has Tane just created a whole lot more trouble for himself?
Home and Away airs Monday to Thursday, 7pm on Channel Seven.

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