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Former Home And Away star Tammin Sursok shares tear strewn post revealing her “heart is broken”

''Even typing this made me tear up.''

By Maddison Hockey
When scrolling through our social media feeds, we're accustomed to perfectly filtered photographs and candid snaps that are anything but.
Former Home And Away star Tammin Sursok, who played Dani Sutherland on the show, surprised fans with a tear strewn photograph of which she immediately admitted: "I don't share this type of content".
"For some reason I was compelled to share this message. I have to. I wanted to be vulnerable with my community," Tammin began the emotional post.
"We had to put our dog, Sydney, down yesterday. Even typing this made me tear up. It's funny that when your heart is broken you cry so many tears you think there aren't any left. And yet they still come.
She was 14 years old and had heart failure. She was in pain and watching her struggle broke me."

The 37-year-old actress who rose to fame after landing a huge role in hit series Pretty Little Liars urged fans to spend less time on their phones, and more time with loved ones.
"As I sit here and mull over her last 14 years I think about time. We spend 11 years of our lives on screens. So much time looking down and not out into the world. I feel guilt about the extra time I could have spent with her.
Reach out to people, make time, hug your animals and your loved ones, hold them closer. Look up. Connect."
Tammin tells her fans to make the most of every moment. (Instagram)
Tammin welcomed her second child, a daughter, with husband Sean McEwan last January.
Posting an image stating simply, "She's here. And she's perfect," alongside a love heart emoji, Tammin let the world know that she's now a mum to two little girls.
Tammin and Sean, an actor/director, who wed in 2011 at a romantic ceremony in Italy, also share four-year-old daughter, Phoenix.
Tammin revealed she previously suffered two miscarriages. (Instagram)
In late 2017, Sursok got personal with her fans, opening up about a 'painful loss' she had experienced.
"It's been hard for me to be on social media this week. We have been going through something as a family and it's hard to mask what we are feeling. I always want to be authentic with you," she wrote.
"Last week was the first time I've experienced loss. That's as much as I'm going to say right now but I do want to write about what we have been through at some point to help anyone who is also going through it.
"You become angry and you don't know at who to be angry. You realize that your anger just stems from pain. So if you are hurting this holiday season, for any reason, know I'm with you and I see you. And the only way out is through. Together we got this."

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