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EXCLUSIVE: Home and Away alum Stephen Peacocke reveals what it's like dating an older woman on Five Bedrooms

The Five Bedrooms hunk is ready to conquer the world!

By Paul Ewart
He won a legion of female admirers playing Darryl 'Brax' Braxton on Home and Away, but Stephen Peacocke is making his fans fall just as hard for his current character, Ben Chigwell, on Five Bedrooms.
Now in its third season, the comedy-drama follows five single adults who meet at a wedding and drunkenly buy a house together.
Here, the 40-year-old TV Week Logie winner tells our sister site New Idea all about being a television heartthrob, getting older, and why he's a country boy at heart.
How satisfying is it that he show clearly resonates with audiences around the world?
It's great! To be part of a show that finds a wide audience like this is fantastic.
Ben engages in a relationship with a significantly older woman. We're used to seeing the 'older man dating a younger girl' dynamic, but not so much the reverse. How did you feel when you read for the role?
It's a really fun, interesting and weirdly accurate storyline to be involved in. On top of that, I get to work with Doris Younane, who is fantastic. I love turning up to work knowing we've got scenes together. She's one of Australia's finest!
Stephen plays Ben Chigwell on Five Bedrooms. (Paramount+)
Away from set, you live in the bush in Dubbo. Is that part of your strategy to maintain as 'normal' an existence as possible?
I'm not really a fan of big crowds, or hustle and bustle in general, so the country lifestyle suits us really well. I've been lucky that, whenever a fan has come up to me on the street, they've been pretty low-key and respectful.
You recently reached the big 4-0. Does getting older phase you?
I've never really taken much notice of birthdays. If it wasn't for my wife [Bridgette Sneddon] reminding me, I'd probably forget when my birthday actually was! Saying that, hitting my forties has been pretty great so far.
I'm very grateful to be fit and healthy, to still be working, and to be surrounded by family and friends. Not much to complain about there.
Are you in a happy place right now?
Yep. I've been very fortunate, and I don't ever take that for granted.
After you left Home and Away, you went to Hollywood and scored roles in a bunch of hit movies before moving back to Australia. Does Tinseltown still hold an allure for you?
For sure. I've got a really great team over there who, when I'm not working on stuff here, send through auditions that I can throw my hat in the ring for.
I've loved working over there. The people were great and, as we all know, Hollywood is the epicentre of the industry.
This story was originally published on our sister site New Idea.

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