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EXCLUSIVE: Home And Away’s Penny McNamee & Sarah Roberts had the sweetest response when we asked who they find most inspiring on set

''We’re laughing but it’s really true.''

By Maddison Hockey and Jess Pullar
Bonds formed in Summer Bay are bonds formed for life. We've seen countless friendships forged on the set of Home And Away that have lasted long after actors have said goodbye to their fictional town.
So, it was no surprise to hear when we spoke to Sarah Roberts and Penny McNamee at The Australian Women's Weekly Women of the Future awards that the two stars absolutely adore one another.
When asked which women on set they most admire Sarah and Penny had the sweetest, simultaneous response.
"This is going to sounds lame, but Penny!" Sarah said with a laugh.
"Oh and clearly Sarah!" Penny quickly responded.
"Do we say anyone else?" Sarah asked her co-star before she replied: "I don't know, they're not here!"
Saskia Hampele, Penny McNamee and Sarah Roberts at the Women of the Future Awards. (Supplied)
Sarah went on to explain that despite having many overlapping storylines, Penny had always made an effort to look out for her.
"Penny's so kind, she is always checking in with me and asking if I'm okay at work. We don't actually get to do that many scenes together but she's always checking in with me which I love."
The feeling was absolutely mutual with Penny saying: "I totally feel the same way, we're laughing but it's really true.
"I feel like we bonded really quickly because we got on set and I feel like our priorities are not necessarily all about acting, we've got outside lives and things we care about."

After an immensely trying year friends like Penny are a blessing for Sarah.
The 35-year-old revealed to Australian Women's Weekly she's hoping for another kind of blessing in the new year, too.
"A new life would be the greatest present my husband could give me," Sarah adds. "New life in my belly and a brother or sister for Scout."
In November, Sarah opened up about becoming a step-mum to Scout, telling Nova podcast How To…Life: "We didn't want Scout having some girl whizzing in and out of her life.

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