Home and Away

Sam Frost's hilarious outtake from Home & Away proves how different she is in stature to her, um, rather built co-star

Home & (pushed) Away.

By Jess Pullar
Sam Frost has quickly become one of Australia's favourite soap actors as she takes beloved show Home & Away by storm.
And that's not for no reason - fans are forever fawning over any insights, outtakes and behind the scenes secrets from the hit show - and Sam is all to happy to indulge them.
Which is why her latest insight from the set has us all, quite frankly, howling.
Sharing a video to her Instagram account on Thursday, the 31-year-old featured in an outtake alongside several of her co-stars, including Ethan Browne.
As they walk down the beach together (in that iconic way Summer Bay's locale tend to do), Ethan gives Sam a gentle, friendly nudge.
Not realising just how much smaller Sam's stature is, instead of receiving said nudge with a little reflex, the actress goes flying across the sand.

Honestly, it's a sight to behold - and should definitely be watched on repeat.
Sam herself saw the funny side, despite likely sporting a couple of bruises from the accidental collision.
"I. Cannot. Stop. Laughing. At. This. Clip," she wrote.
"Outtake • Ethan, you're the hulk. You can't do "friendly banter nudges" to your tiny co-stars."
The fateful moment... (Instatram)
Of course, Ethan seemed to quickly grasp the magnitude of his friendly nudge. In the clip, he goes running to help Sam after she topples on the sand.
Sam's co-stars quickly came to her aid. (Instagram)
Sam has some beautiful friendships with her on-screen counterparts.
She often shares sweet snaps with them on Instagram - in early October she posted a selfie with co-star Georgie Parker and the show's makeup artist, writing: "I mean... when the lighting is right 😜 two of my favourite women."

And this week, she also paid tribute to Ethan himself on his 29th birthday, sharing a cute pic to her Insta Stories and writing: "Happy Birthday to one of my favourite humans. We all love you."
Despite a distinct size difference between the two, it looks like Sam and Ethan are on a very even friendship ground.
Sam shared a sweet tribute to Ethan for his birthday this week. (Instagram)

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