Home and Away

Sam Frost has thankfully revived her isolation diary and her first recount of buying toilet paper is honestly all of us

Praise be.

By Maddison Hockey
Sydney is facing its second serious lockdown - third if you were one of the unlucky ones in the northern beaches over Christmas - since the COVID-19 pandemic first threw our lives as we knew them into complete upheaval.
Plans have been cancelled, loved ones separated and the fight for space at the kitchen table as we all attempt to work for home has reignited.
All in all, it's not ideal.
There is, however, one shining light in the darkness that is self-isolating and that is the return of Home And Away star Sam Frost's iso-diary.
Just another reason we love Sam. Instagram
It's the small wins that keep us going and this is absolutely one of them.
Fans may recall from the first lockdown Sam's hilariously candid and oh-so-relatable musings of the mundane day-to-day that comes with life in isolation.
From lying in piles of laundry to accidentally locking her dog Greg in a cupboard, Sam's hilarious recounts of daily life in lockdown kept us giggling in a dark time.
Now, it's back! And the actress kicked off the first weekend locked down in peak form.
Sam began, like many of us did, addressing those household chores and tasks we'd been neglecting. For her, that included finally unpacking a blower vac she purchased some time ago to clean her courtyard.
A true picture of neglect. Instagram
She soon discovered adulting wasn't for her, a sentiment we understand deeply.
"I got home and realised there's lots of parts I had to put together, and decided the adult life wasn't for me," she hilariously surmised.
Next came braving the panic buyers and facing the internal battle of not becoming one herself.
After realising she was, in fact, out of toilet paper Sam headed to the shops.
We feel this on a deep level. Instagram
"When I was in the toilet paper section it occurred to me that people probably thought I was one of those panic buyers," she wrote.
A thought that has surely passed through all our minds when making a similar purchase.
"I avoided eye contact, grabbed the toilet paper and ran… then I realised me trying to not look like the panic buyers on the news, definitely made me look like the panic buyers on the news."

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