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Sam Frost's confession about her 'funny' brothers will be VERY relatable for some

Brothers: Keeping their sisters humble since forever.

By Faye Couros
Sam Frost's isolation diary is back, which means fans are getting extra content from the candid star, including a look behind the curtain into her life.
Sam's latest admission is one of her most relatable yet for sisters of brothers who are well acquainted with the crossfire of sarcastic and brutal comments flung their way.
It's almost like it would bring brothers insurmountable pain to pay their sister a genuine compliment.
The original Instagram post that triggered the joke. Instagram
Because why flatter when there is the option to poke fun and humble their sister without worrying if she needed it or not?
Sam clearly has learnt that there is no point getting worked up and that it's way more fun to laugh along.
The actor took to her Instagram story to share with fans her brother Alex's sarcastic jab at the expense of her latest post, which featured Sam's Home and Away character Jasmine crying.
"Any time my bro's give me a compliment, they throw in an insult… just to keep it balanced," she wrote.
She posted their conversation from her DMs along with the caption and it's so savage.
"Such a good actress," the compliment read.
Then Alex's jab followed, "Probs cause you've cried so many times in real life."
Ooof Alex did not hold back! Instagram
Well played Alex, but also fret not Sam because everyone is crying a lot; they just don't always admit it.
Feeling a little tickled by her brother's remark, Sam decided to share a fond memory from her other brother Steve that took place during a family dinner, and it's just so damn relatable and funny.
"Reminds me of the time I had really pretty makeup on & made an effort to look nice for a fam dinner," Sam began.
"My big bro @steve.frost18 walked in, looked at me for a sec…
"Bro: Why do you look like that? Did you have a photoshoot or something?
"Me: aww thanks bro!! Nah I just wanted to feel pretty," said Sam.
Then came the zinger, "Bro: Shut up idiot. I never said you looked good," said Steve.
At the end of her post, Sam brushed it all off as one must to make a simple sentiment about life with brothers.
The story of all brother stories. Instagram
"Brothers," she wrote.
"Always keeping me grounded."
Clearly, there is no need ever to feel concerned about Sam becoming a diva because her brothers will absolutely be the first ones to call her out.
Being a sister is a thankless job.

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