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The cast of Home And Away rally behind co-star Sam Frost following her raw and emotional confession

''Beautiful girl. Beautiful friend. Inside & out.''

By Maddison Hockey and Alex Lilly
It takes immense courage to open up about our deepest vulnerabilities, and even more so to do it on a public platform.
But, that's exactly what Home And Away star Sam Frost has bravely done.
Taking to Instagram the 31-year-old shared a photo from her youth with fans, along with an inspiring message about self-love and mental health.

In the photo shared on Wednesday night, a young Sam smiles at the camera looking distinctly different to the Sam we know today, but it was her caption that warmed our hearts.
"If I could go back in time, I'd tell younger me...." she mused.
"I know it doesn't feel like it right now, but YOU ARE GOING TO BE OK. You are going to have the most beautiful life. Your pain will go away, I promise. And future you, will be SO PROUD that you never gave up... you somehow found strength. You found the light. More importantly you found yourself."
Sam opened up about her past pain. (Instagram)
The actress then remarked that her first reaction to the photo of her young self was disgust.
"My sister sent me this photo today... immediately I replied 'SO gross! I look disgusting!!! What a depressing period in my life.' Then I stopped... I went back into our family chat. I looked at the photo for a long time.. looked at my face. My eyes. And I just cried," she admitted.
"I remember how awful this period in my life was. I was EXTREMELY depressed, for a very long time. My life had been full of incredibly difficult challenges.. I couldn't handle it anymore & I felt like my life wasn't worth sticking around for. But somehow, I got through it. I found the light when darkness was the only thing I could see, feel & breathe. So to you, younger Sam. I see you. I love you. And I'm proud of you. You are so much stronger than you know x"
Sam has since made a name for herself with a successful TV career. (Channel Ten)
In true Summer Bay style, Sam's co-stars immediately flocked to her comments section to share messages of support and admiration.
Close friend Sarah Roberts praised Sam, writing: "Beautiful girl. Beautiful friend. Inside & out. This girl that found strength & light & has taught others how to do the same. Thank you for sharing your light. Love you. 😘"
"Big hugs and love to you young Sam 💋," Georgie Parker shared while former star Jackson Heywood shared a simple series of emojis.
Sam's co-stars, including Georgie Parker, flocked to support her. (Instagram)
Sam's fellow Home And Away stars weren't the only ones admiring her raw honesty.
Her ex radio co-host Rove McManus shared his adoration, commenting: "It's sharing this picture and the thoughts with it that show why you were always going to get through that time. Like a caterpillar in a chrysalis you just had to reveal the true self from the inside out. It's all we go through that makes us who we are - and you my friend, are truly one of the special ones ❤."
Meanwhile Sunrise host Sam Mac added: "Love you Sam. You're one of the greats x."

Speaking to WHO as part of the 2020 Most Beautiful People Issue, Sam opened up about her lifelong battle with depression and anxiety and how she let critics get under her skin in her younger years.
"I used to criticise myself heavily and so everything the critics were saying, I was thinking myself. It just felt toxic and negative from inside my mind."
The blonde beauty is now focused on simply being herself.
"I've come to peace with the fact it's fine if you don't like me because I have so many beautiful people who are kind to me. I'm surrounded by love, and so I just focus on that."

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