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"You all have permission to have a lol about it": Sam Frost shares a hilarious beauty fail that awkwardly occurred in the midst of Home & Away filming

Take notice of the brows.

By Jess Pullar
Sam Frost has quickly risen the ranks as one of Summer Bay's most radiant stars since joining the Home and Away cast back in 2017.
But even the most pampered of us still endure a faux pas moment every now and then - and Sam is certainly no stranger.
In fact, if you just so happen to be watching a certain few episodes of Home and Away this week, you might be in for a little surprise.
The 31-year-old has played the beloved character of Jasmine Delaney on the show for more than three years now, but in scenes going to air this week, fans are about to see another side to the resident Summer Bay nurse.
Taking to her Instagram stories on Monday, Sam shared a couple of pics of herself sporting some, er, very dark brows.
Notice anything a little... um, different about Sam here? (Instagram)
"Oi, remember the time my eyebrows accidentally got tinted black & no-one took me seriously because I looked like an angry muppet??" she wrote.
"Anyway, the episodes air this week on Home and Away, you all have permission to have a lol about it."
Who wore it better? Uncanny... kinda. (Instagram)
The hilarious beauty fail is refreshing to say the least given Sam is an undeniable beauty on the show - a relatable reminder that no one is perfect.
And it remains to be said that the former Bachelor star has always been one to keep things real.
Back in May, Sam opened up to TV WEEK about mental health and how she deals with the scrutiny of being in the constant spotlight.
"I keep certain things private and when I'm working through things, I deal with it and only share what I need too. But I always stay true to myself in the public eye and privately, as well," she said.
Sam tries to keep things real when it comes to her public life. (Instagram)
She explained the difficulties of being the target of criticism and scrutiny in the media, telling TV WEEK: "When you are vulnerable like that, it comes with anxieties. And that's why I stayed silent for so long. But I got to the point where I was like, 'OK, this is it. I'm out'. I don't think people understood the toll it took on me. I can feel everything people were saying about me and I couldn't understand why I was such a target – I still don't today."
She continued: "But for me, I had to say something. I was about to check out completely. It was affecting me so much and my family. Journalists were writing things about me - and I'm sure they've been in a similar position where they've started a new job or had people criticise them – that I thought, 'do you have any idea how this feels to be constantly criticised?' You can't escape it. I think I'm a kind person and I work hard, so I didn't think it was fair."
Well said, and even better reflected on her raw and refreshing Instagram platform. Power to you, Sam!

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