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Home And Away’s Ray Meagher surprised a fan after she went viral - and her reaction will make your heart burst

We can’t stop watching her hilarious clips.

By Maddison Hockey
We all love Home And Away, but one fan's undying adoration for the show has gone above and beyond, and even gained her internet fame.
Melbourne grandmother Kate Beljac has become a viral sensation thanks to her daughter Lep, who has been secretly recording her mother and uploading the videos to TikTok.
Kate's thick Serbian accent and mispronunciations have created some hilarious clips, which even in these isolating times, are sure to put a smile on your face.
In many of Lep's clips, her mother is watching her favourite show - Home And Away - or as she calls it, "Home Anyway."
And like many of us, Kate has a favourite character (read: crush).
In her case it's the iconic Alf Stewart, played by Ray Meagher.
WATCH: Kate declaring her love for Alf in a TikTok, story continues below.
Kate and her daughter Lep appeared on Sunrise to talk about her viral fame.
"As long as I make them laugh," Kate said about her daughter's videos.
"A lot of people say coronavirus has them stressed out and she makes them laugh," Lep said of followers' reactions.
"I also think she has an infectious energy, she's just pure and wholesome."
When asked exactly why Kate loves Alf so much she responded: "He's my darling, I love him."
"He's a good man you can tell, and I like when he go fishing with the little bucket and that fishing stick."
Ray as Alf on the show. Image: Channel Seven
The Sunrise team then gifted Kate a very special video from the man himself.
And honestly we don't know who is happier; Kate watching a personal message from Ray, or us watching Kate watch Ray.
It's probably Kate, but it's a pure delight nonetheless that is sure to make you smile.
After seeing the clip, Kate proceeds to pull out a shirt with Alf's face printed on it. When asked how she feels about Ray inviting her for a cup of coffee at the famous diner, she said, "Oh my god, I'd be dead."
The team then promised to organise a trip to the Summer Bay set post lockdown for Kate, which will no doubt be joyous to watch.
Until then, we'll be watching more of Lep's giggle-worthy clips of her sweet mum.

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