Home and Away

Penny McNamee wrote and performed the sweetest tribute to Sydney as lockdown takes hold

''Corona struck Sydney again.''

By Faye Couros
There is never a good time for a lockdown, as it can feel devastating when even the smallest plans are called off.
Sydney's new lockdown is taking place during the school holidays, which means many families have had to abandon exciting plans.
One such parent is Penny McNamee, who had her JetStar flight cancelled and is now bunkering down with her husband, Matt Tooker and their children Neve and Jack.
Penny blowing bubbles with Jack and Neve. Instagram
Lockdown is an overwhelming situation for most people, and to ease unnerved spirits, Penny wrote, produced, and performed a song in ode to Sydney.
The Home and Away star posted the video onto her Instagram ITV, and she is simply sat down on the grass with her guitar, a bare face, Ugg boots and a woolly jumper in her backyard.
On her Instagram story, Penny wrote, "If I don't laugh, I'll cry. Enjoy."
The gorgeous actress' testament will feel relatable to many who lean on humour and art to get through hard times.
Penny named the song: Ode to Sydney.
As Penny sings the song, her voice is honey sweet as her delicate Aussie accent comes through.
Watch Penny perform her song below.
The lyrics tell a story of undone plans, lockdown tensions and premier Gladys Berejiklian's efforts.
The lyrics transcribed:
All our bags are packed we are ready to go,
15 months we have stayed at home,
Just last week we booked our JetStar flights,
We told the kids it is a safe bet,
School holidays are here we said,
The Ipad is charged with Bluey season two,
We are not leaving on a jet plane,
Corona struck Sydney again,
Queen Gladys says stay home,
So here we are locked down again,
Wine and screen time are our friend,
The grocery shops the highlight of the week,
All those little quirks he thought were cute,
Will be the source of much dispute,
Our greatest hope our marriage will survive,
We are not leaving on a jet plane,
Corona struck Sydney again,
Queen Gladys says stay home.
Penny's performance is stunning.
Penny adds nothing more but an unsure and tired smile that feels like she knows exactly how we all feel at the end of the video.

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