Home and Away

Penny McNamee reveals the Home And Away moment that sparked an outpouring of love for husband Matt

''I was suddenly transported back to New York.''

By Maddison Hockey
Penny McNamee and husband Matt Tooker have been proving real love still exists since, well, they first got together.
After falling in love at a school musical camp in 1999, Penny married her high school sweetheart 10 years later in 2009.
They've been happily loved-up since.
Once again proving just how much of a fairy-tale romance the couple have, Penny took to Instagram to share a sweet throwback with her hubby which was inspired by one of her Home And Away scenes.
A young Matt and Penny in NYC. (Instagram)
"Yesterday in a scene, I had to say the words: 'It's you and me against the world'," Penny began.
"I was suddenly transported back to New York in 2011, when Matt and I moved to Brooklyn with no jobs, no visas and no friends.
"It was exhilarating but terrifying, and one night when I was crying, thinking we'd made a huge mistake, Matt said to me: 'Hey babe, it's you and me against the world'."
So young! (Instagram)
She then went on to add: "And suddenly everything felt okay.
"We got jobs, we got visas, we got an apartment and we made the most amazing friends (who we miss daily!)
"We stayed for 4 years, and had the time of our lives!
"I miss New York, I miss travel, I miss my friends... but I'm so glad it's still @matt_tooker and I against the world. 🌎❤️"
The couple have been married for over a decade. (Instagram)
Speaking to New Idea about falling for Matt all those years ago, Penny revealed she was instantly smitten.
"I adored him off the bat. I was a ridiculous 16-year-old girl who totally thought he was dreamy."
Even for the picture-perfect couple, the road to romance wasn't always easy.
"We were only 19 and we both knew we had to go off and live our lives – we wanted to study and travel," the 37-year-old starlet revealed of their split.
"Even though we really did love each other, we decided to break up, which was heartbreaking."
Eventually, they got back together and the rest is history!

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