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That's what girlfriends are for! Sophie Dillman's hilarious birthday tribute to Home And Away co-star Patrick O’Connor shows him in a whole new light

''Really promising singing career ahead.''

By Bella Brennan
They might be Home And Away's resident poster couple but Sophie Dillman and Patrick O'Connor aren't afraid to take the mickey out of each other.
On Thursday August 17, as Patrick rung in his 28th birthday, proud girlfriend Sophie made sure she took to social media to honour her man.
WATCH IN THE PLAYER ABOVE: Sophie shares never-before-seen videos of Patrick singing to celebrate his birthday
But instead of posting a slew of loved-up and flattering photos, the actress shared a hilarious collection of videos of her other half attempting to sing.
"Happy birthday homie ❤️❤️❤️ really promising singing career ahead xx," Sophie teased.
Sophie's birthday post wasn't all just tongue-in-cheek, however, with the actress also posting a happy snap of Patrick relaxing in a bubble bath with a glass of champagne in hand.
The couple, who play on-screen couple Ziggy and Dean on the show, confirmed their real-life romance last year.
But unlike many of their fellow lovebirds, Sophie and Patrick actually met long before stepping foot into the fictional small town of Summer Bay.
"We actually knew each other at uni - we went to acting school together years ago," Sophie told The Morning Show of the origins of their romance.
"We were friends then, and then we were in different years, so we didn't really see each other - but then when found each other on the show. And conveniently, our characters got together on the show."
The birthday boy enjoys a relaxing bath. (Image: @sophiedillman/Instagram)
Patrick and Sophie's characters share a dramatic relationship on-screen, which the actors admit can make their jobs easier, but also difficult at times.
"I think we're both a bit more comfortable around each other at work, which can go either way - but it definitely makes it easier," Patrick said.
Sophie told TV WEEK last year that she loved having Patrick by her side at work. Although she admitted kissing scenes can be "awkward", there was the benefit of easy communication between the pair.
"It's great working with him – it's always fun. I can never guess what I'm going to get from him [while filming], which is the best," she said.
"We can be really straight up. We've got a great dialogue, so we can say what we need from each other and it will happen."
Ziggy and Dean in love. (Image: @sophiedillman/Instagram)

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