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Marilyn collapses again on Home and Away as she battles the effects of being poisoned

''There's something really wrong.''

By TV Week team
Marilyn has been pushing away those closest to her as she battles the insidious effects of being poisoned. But when she collapses again on Home And Away this week, her friends might be the only ones who can save her.
However, there's the very real possibility that the damage from the toxins is too great and that whatever doctors can do will be too little, too late.
Marilyn has been pushing away those closest to her as she battles the insidious effects of being poisoned. (Image: Seven)
The trouble begins when Marilyn (Emily Symons) bumps into doctor Logan (Harley Bonner), who she's filed a complaint against, at the Diner. She again refuses to listen to his explanation that he's only trying to help. The situation gets out of hand when Irene (Lynne McGranger) tries to remind Marilyn she was the one who wanted Logan involved in her recovery in the first place.
"Marilyn becomes so infuriated with Irene," Emily, 52, tells TV WEEK. "She doesn't realise she's upsetting people, and that's when people begin to understand there's something really wrong, because this is so out of character for her."
Convinced her old friend has turned against her, Marilyn storms out of the Diner, sparking a row– their first – between hot couple Mac (Emily Weir) and Logan.
But while they're quick to make up, Marilyn is still fuming and turns to the one Summer Bay local she still trusts: Justin (James Stewart).
But he's forced to admit to Marilyn that while he understands what she's going through, he doesn't understand her anymore. It's at that moment that she realises that perhaps she really has changed – and not for the better.
"Marilyn becomes so infuriated with Irene." (Image: Seven)
Determined to finally build a bridge back to Irene, she returns to the Diner to explain herself, but starts yet another argument instead. As things get heated, however, Marilyn suddenly loses feeling in her legs again and grabs hold of Irene to stop herself from collapsing.
The incident sees Marilyn taken to hospital by ambulance – and leaves Irene terrified she might lose her friend forever.

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