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EXCLUSIVE: Luke Mitchell reveals why his new role was like “winning the lottery” and how he would have Romeo return to Home And Away

''I have extremely fond memories.''

By Maddison Hockey
Former Home And Away star Luke Mitchell feels like he's hit the jackpot with his latest role in huge new U.S. series, The Republic of Sarah.
After a year when the COVID pandemic wreaked havoc on the film and TV industry, Luke and wife Rebecca Breeds had landed roles off the back of pilot season.
Their luck didn't stop there. With Luke filming for The Republic of Sarah in Montreal, Canada, wife Bec was a mere 500 kilometres away filming Clarice in neighbouring city, Toronto.
Luke and Bec are lucky to both be working Canada. (Instagram)
Speaking to Now To Love the 36-year-old says he doesn't know how difficult life could have become if he and Bec were filming in different countries given quarantine laws.
"We're incredibly grateful to be working, for either of us to be working, during this time," Luke tells Now To Love.
"For both of us to get work, in the same time period, in the same country, in neighbouring cities, I feel like we won the lottery.
"If one of us was in the States and one of us was in Canada and you tried to visit, you'd have to do two weeks quarantine. It just wouldn't be possible."
Luke wasn't prepared for how complex his character Danny would be. (Stan)
The Republic of Sarah centres on a small town facing destruction at the hands of a greedy mining company.
As a result, history teacher Sarah Cooper (played by Stella Baker, daughter of Simon Baker) comes up with a highly unconventional idea that involves the town using a loophole to establish itself as its own country.
Luke play's Sarah's estranged brother, Danny, who "after enduring a difficult childhood at the hands of his mother," finds himself back home and "eager to exact his revenge on a community he feels abandoned him."
Fellow Aussie and daughter of Simon Baker, Stella, plays lead role, Sarah. (Stan)
Luke says his character was far more complex than he originally anticipated.
"To be honest, when I first signed up, I wasn't aware of exactly how challenging it was going to be.
"There's a lot of darkness to kind of wrap your head around and explore. But it's not all doom and gloom, there's a lot of fun to be had of his character.
"He's also charming and witty and a little smug from time to time. There's private Danny, and then there's public Danny."
Luke rose to fame on Home And Away alongside his wife, Bec. (Channel Seven)
The Gold Coast native is "hoping for a season two, three and four" of the show and is hoping audiences fall in love with it as much as he has.
If Luke gets his wish it's unlikely he'll be making a move back to Australia anytime soon but if the stars ever aligned he says he'd be open to a possible return to Summer Bay where fans first fell in love with his Home And Away character Romeo.
"I have extremely fond memories of Home And Away. If it was a fun, little cameo to be had or you know, like a dream sequence, I don't know if it would be possible but if it made sense and worked out scheduling wise, why not?"
The Republic of Sarah is now streaming on Stan.
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