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Home and Away star Kawakawa Fox-Reo issues an apology after making a joke about using steroids

''Serious error in judgment.''

By Faye Couros
Home and Away star Kawakawa Fox-Reo has issued an apology after joking about steroid use on his Instagram.
The actor posted a picture of himself shirtless at the gym with his tongue poking out, captioned: "I love steroids," and placed three needle emojis next to the statement.
The post was uploaded on March 30 but has since been deleted.
Kawa deleted the post after 12 days of posting it. (Image: Instagrm)
The 24-year-old then apologised to his fans via a statement to The Daily Telegraph, admitting he made a "serious error in judgement".
"I realise my attempt at humour was misguided and misleading, and sincerely apologise," he said.
Kawakawa said the joke intended to highlight he is "all-natural" by showing the hard work he puts in at the gym.
Kawakawa on the Home and Away set. (Image: Instagram)
Kawakawa's post was up for 12 days and received 2000 likes and 26 comments before it was removed.
"I did a double take when I read this thought I was seeing things!!!," another shared, "Ur a cool guy but please don't advertise drugs. Young kids look up to you," one fan wrote.
"Hmmm yeah, not liking this time to unfollow," said another.
After Kawakawa made his television debut on Home and Away, he candidly shared his body insecurities.
"I've always been a skinny kid," he told Perth Now. "I've always had quite a fast metabolism.
"When I first started, I was a bit nervous and self-conscious, to be honest," he said of shooting in just his board shorts.
"I've learnt to love myself a little bit more in the process of that, too." (Image: Seven)
"But I have learnt over time just to get over myself and do my job.
"I've learnt to love myself a little bit more in the process of that, too. Right now, it is not a big deal at all, whereas it used to be something that I was scared about.
"I was self-conscious about how skinny I was, worried about what people would say. When you love yourself enough though, who cares what anybody else thinks?"
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