Home and Away

Jodi Gordon hints at a Home And Away return after leaving Neighbours and returning to Sydney

“I’ve always missed Martha.”

By Maddison Hockey
When news broke Neighbours actress Jodi Gordon and her beloved character Elly Conway would be leaving the soap back in January, fans were understandably devastated.
But, we may be seeing her back on our screens sooner than we thought, with a return to the show she first found fame on: Home And Away.
Jodi originally played Summer Bay's Martha MacKenzie, granddaughter of Alf Stewart, and more notably, daughter of Roo (played by Georgie Parker).
"I've always missed Martha," Jodi told RadioTimes this week. "Home and Away got me where I am today, I love the show. I'm always open to the idea of a return."
Jodi's character Elly is set to leave Ramsay Street this year. Image: Network 10
The mother-of-one has moved to Sydney from Melbourne since leaving Neighbours, bringing her much closer to the Summer Bay filming location.
"It's time for me to move on to the next adventure. More importantly in the interim it's time for me to move back to Sydney to be with my beautiful daughter, Aleeia," she wrote when announcing the news.
Jodi and her daughter Aleeia. Image: Instagram
Born in the early years of the soap when Roo was a troublesome teen, Martha was given up for adoption, returning when she was a teen herself to meet her family.
Roo, however, wasn't on the show at the time, meaning the mother-daughter duo has never met (on screen, at least).
We think it's about time that changed, and apparently so do Jodi and Georgie!
"I love that Georgie Parker is my character Martha's mum, Roo Stewart!" Jodi told RadioTimes. "I grew up watching her, she's like my all-time favourite actress. I was dying with jealousy… I'd only just left then she came in!"
The actress played Martha for five years and says she's very open to reprising her role. Image: Channel Seven
When Georgie was asked about Jodi returning to show she said: "I would love to be able to play those storylines of Roo and Martha being together again."
"Jodi and I have never properly met. We do look a bit alike don't we, brown hair, same colouring. I say let's put it out there!"
Well, it's out there, now to pray to the Summer Bay powers-that-be!

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