Home and Away

A heartbreaking split and a shocking confession! Home And Away's Ziggy and Dean call it quits

''It's over!''

Their relationship is hanging on by a thread. But in one fell swoop, Dean will lose the love of his life and put his entire future at risk.
In this week's episodes of Home and Away, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) is grappling with big life changes.
Justin (James Stewart) is preparing to hand over the garage to her as he recovers from surgery. It's a huge commitment and the mechanic wants to show she's deserving of the opportunity.
Yet, her personal life continues to get in the way.
Justin wants Ziggy to take over the garage. (Channel Seven)
Ziggy's boyfriend Dean (Patrick O'Connor) has only recently learnt he's the father of a young boy named Jai (River Jarvis). His ex-girlfriend Amber (Maddy Jevic) now expects them to come together as a family – and by doing so, she secretly hopes it will reignite their flame.
Ziggy has tried to find her place in the new family dynamic, but she's never felt more alone. The future she envisioned with Dean has been replaced overnight by his ex!
"Being a good mum is everything to Amber and nothing will come between her relationship with Jai," Maddy tells TV WEEK. "But she wants a deep connection with someone. She wants to find someone who loves her for who she truly is- the bad-girl, single mum with a heart of gold!"
Amber has her sights set on Dean. (Channel Seven)
Dean is also buckling under the pressure of keeping a dangerous secret. He and Colby (Tim Franklin) are guilty of murdering Ross (Justin Wozniak) and one slip of the tongue could place them behind bars. The dire situation is causing him to lash out at those around him.
As his rogue attitude continues to cause problems in their relationship, Ziggy realises they simply won't survive. That night, she packs her bags and leaves.
"The fear of losing absolutely everything is getting the better of Dean and he battles with whether or not he should be honest with Ziggy, because he knows there are consequences on both sides," Patrick says.
Will Dean come clean to Ziggy? (Channel Seven)
The following day, Amber visits with Jai and learns of Dean's breakup. Using the moment to seize everything she's ever wanted, the healthcare worker presses for them to be together as a couple. But Dean wants Ziggy back.
In an all-or-nothing moment, he confesses everything to Ziggy about his involvement in the murder and pleads for a second chance.
Ziggy is momentarily lost for words as she contemplates what this means… her boyfriend was an accomplice to murder.
Ziggy can't believe what she's hearing. (Channel Seven)
Dean hopes his rousing speech has done enough, but unfortunately, it only cements Ziggy's decision to leave. He's not the guy she fell in love with… it's over.
In a world of pain, Dean begins to spiral and in his hour of need, he turns to the one person who will listen: Amber.
Will he make a huge mistake?

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