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Home And Away: Is Christian and Tori's wedding called off?

Has Christian got cold feet about his upcoming nuptials?

By Stephen Downie
They were meant to preparing for their wedding. But Tori is left devastated when Dr Christian chooses to treat a patient over their big day.
What's up, doc?
In recent weeks, Christian (Ditch Davey), due to having a near-death experience, has become an adrenaline-junkie, relishing risking pursuits.
In this week's episodes of Home And Away, Christian (Ditch Davey) is on his way to pick up his wedding suit when impulsively decides to go skydiving.
Dr Christian finds a renewed sense of purpose in helping the stricken Rachel. Channel Seven
"Christian is enjoying living in the moment and he believes seeing the skydiving sign is a 'sign'," Ditch, 48, tells TV WEEK.
"He figures he must have seen it for a reason so he follows that gut instinct - and his new sense of adventure!"
But he gets more than he bargained for when he sees a jumper, Rachel (Marny Kennedy) crash-land in front of him.
Switching into doctor mode, Christian determines Rachel has a suspected spinal injury and she's rushed to hospital. "When Christian is there in the right place at the right time to help Rachel, he really believes this is the sign he's been looking for," Ditch explains.
"His purpose in life is to help people, and in this moment, he is there to help her."
Tori (Penny McNamee), meanwhile, receives a call from the suit hire place saying her fiancé has not picked up his suit.
She freaks out about Christian's disappearance - where could he be?
When Christian doesn't show up to pick up his suit, Tori is worried. Channel Seven
At the hospital, Christian and nurse Jasmine (Sam Frost) are shocked to discover just how serious Rachel's spinal injury is.
"Rachel's injury is quite horrific," Marny, 27, tells TV WEEK. "While her spinal cord is still attached, her bone structure has detached from her skull."
When Tori eventually finds Christian at the hospital is shocked beyond belief when he chooses to stay in the Bay to treat Rachel instead of attending his own wedding.
Heartbroken Tori can't believe she has to cancel their nuptials. There could be trouble ahead for these two…

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