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Home And Away: Tori and Christian’s first date is a disaster - the reason will surprise fans

''There’s a little sizzle between them.''

They've already shared a kiss – albeit unexpectedly – but are yet to have a conversation that doesn't end in disaster. Unfortunately, this week, Christian and Tori's first date goes a similar way.
This week in Home And Away, Christian (Ditch Davey) invites Tori (Penny McNamee) for a drink at Salt. The excited doctor says yes immediately, relishing a chance to show Christian a side of her that doesn't involve baby vomit or a stethoscope.
That evening, Christian learns more about Tori's life. To her own surprise, she reveals her connection to Robbo (Jake Ryan) and how they came to co-parent baby Grace. Christian is impressed, his feelings for her growing.
There's a "sizzle" growing between Christian and Tori. (Channel Seven)
"There's a little sizzle between them, which is fun to play," Ditch tells TV WEEK. "They work together closely and Tori is entangled both professionally and personally."
Unfortunately, their evening is cut short when Ziggy phones, asking Tori for help.
Dean has been caring for Jai (River Jarvis) overnight and his temperature has spiked. Unable to get hold of his mother Amber, Dean pleads with Ziggy for help so he phones Tori, who agrees to meet them at the hospital.
Tori and Christian's first date is interrupted by an urgent call. (Channel Seven)
The next day, Tori busily cleans the house in anticipation of her brother Justin's (James Stewart) homecoming. What she didn't anticipate was Christian arriving on her doorstep to check in on his patient… and he starts to woo her once again.
Of course, Tori fumbles the encounter, leaving Christian confused. To save herself any further embarrassment, she avoids him altogether.
"Christian often gets her when she's tilted off her axis, which he finds endearing, even if she finds it annoying," Ditch says.
Tori is called away when Jai's fever spikes (Channel Seven)
It's not easy to avoid someone in a town as small as Summer Bay – which Tori discovers when she comes across Jasmine (Sam Frost) and Christian having dinner.
A confused Tori stammers her way through conversation, and later at the hospital grits her teeth as she watches the pair interact.
Has poor Tori made a complete fool of herself with Christian?

Roo: 'I'm leaving Summer Bay!'

Their love affair has barely begun, but Owen is seeking a new life outside the Bay, putting Roo in a quandary.
In a week full of distractions, Roo (Georgie Parker) can sense something is off between them. Owen (Cameron Daddo) can't seem to settle in town and constantly talks of the future.
Their romance has also hit a snag – unlike in recent weeks when they couldn't keep their hands off each other!
"Roo genuinely likes Owen, but it's complicated by the intensity of her time with him," Georgie, tells TV WEEK. "She doesn't want to throw away
a chance at love."
Roo and Owen's relationship has been blossoming, until now. (Instagram)
Eventually, Roo summons the courage to ask Owen about his mood and is heartbroken when he declares he wants to leave Summer Bay!
At the Diner, she vents to Marilyn (Emily Symons) and Irene (Lynne McGranger). Was she foolish to think he wanted more between them?
Roo is counselled by Marilyn and Irene about Owen's desire to leave the Bay. (Channel Seven)
"She tries to be brave, but I think she's also devastated," Georgie says. "But if she can't be honest with Owen, she'd rather give it time to see how her feelings settle."
The following day, Owen reiterates that he wanted them both to leave the Bay – together. He's off to visit Evan's grave and wants her by his side.
Will Roo say yes?

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