Home and Away

Home And Away's Susie flees with Leah and Justin's house deposit

Susie skips town with Leah and Justin's cash.

By Stephen Downie
This is the image that will break Home And Away fans' hearts.
Having conned Leah and Justin out of their home-loan money, wicked Susie this week stuffs their cash into a bag before fleeing the Bay.
Are their life savings gone forever?
Ever since she arrived in town posing as a real estate agent, Susie (Bridie Carter) has been secretly scheming 
to fleece Summer Bay residents.
She convinced new surf club president John (Shane Withington) to organise a surf competition just so she could steal the proceeds.
And she helped Leah 
(Ada Nicodemou) and Justin (James Stewart) buy a house together.
Susie has been tricking everyone since she arrived in Summer Bay. Network Seven
"They want a place of their own where they can start creating memories together," Ada, 43, tells 
"They have the money. 
Cue real estate agent Susie, who helped them find a home."
But when the bank knocked back their loan application, Susie convinced the couple to go with a private lender.
Over the moon when told the deal had gone through, their elation turns to horror when the real estate agent dealing with the sale has never heard of Leah and Justin.
The pair confront Susie at John's, but she slickly talks her way out of trouble, blaming the agent for a simple error.
The next morning, Leah and Justin, keen to sort out the mess, wait at the surf club to see Susie.
They bail up John – where is she?
Their suspicions that Susie is a fake are starting to grow.
Iree has thought Susie was suss from day one. Network Seven
But oblivious John defends his girlfriend.
"John is smitten with Susie," Shane, 62, says "All his attention has been focused on getting 
to know her."
Meanwhile, Irene (Lynne McGranger), who was convinced the newcomer was trouble from the start, goes to John's house – just as Susie is about to do 
a runner.
Sensing a threat to her plans, sneaky Susie uses a chloroformed rag on poor Irene, knocking her out.
By the time the others get to John's house, Susie is gone – along with Leah and Justin's money and the wad of 
cash stolen from the surf club.
"It's really sad for them all," Ada says.
Will the police catch up with swindling Susie or are they too late?

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