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Home and Away star's Emily Symons and Ada Nicodemou share rough behind-the-scenes moment but they’re handling the sticky situation well

They're hiding out on set.

By Faye Couros
The Channel Seven soap Home and Away is currently filming its next episodes, but their cast has had to battle some unpleasant obstacles to get through shooting.
But because the actors are always a class act, they appear to be making the best of an undesirable situation.
Emily Symons, who plays Marilyn, posted a sarcastic Instagram story onto her page with castmates Ada Nicodemou and the iconic Ray Meagher pictured in the post.
Emily's funny behind-the-scenes post. Instagram
However, the words she printed on the image revealed the cast's onset battle.
Emily wrote the messages, "Current situation," "waiting…" and "It's raining cats and dogs" with a picture of a raining cloud.
Ada, Ray and Emily are perched undercover at The Boathouse Palm Beach wearing puffer jackets as they hide out from the rain.
But the bad weather doesn't appear to be bringing them down as they all have smiles on their faces and look to be in good spirits.
Ada reposted the revealing image onto her Instagram, but she added no comment of her own because the image captures the hilarious frustration felt in the post perfectly.
Ada posted this behind-the-scenes snap onto her Instagram. Instagram
Hopefully, the bad weather will pass soon so the actors can get back to work without being hassled by rain.
Last week, Emily shared a picture of her son, Henry spending a special day with Ray, who her family is very close to.
In the post, they both seemed delighted by whatever Ray had on the iPad to show Henry, with both their faces lit up and transfixed on the moment.
Ray, who plays the iconic character Alf Stewart on the show, is adored by his cast-mates and has likely watched Henry grow up on set.
Emily's sweet snap of her son and Ray bonding together. Instagram
Emily included some script on top of the Instagram photo to share her delight and commemorate the special moment.
She wrote, "Love this," and "This makes me happy."
Once again, the Home and Away cast has proved they are the sweetest and closest on Australian television.

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