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Ray Meagher surprises Home And Away’s oldest fan in footage that will make you happy cry

Pass the tissues.

By Maddison Hockey
In news that's sure to give you the warm-and-fuzzies, regardless of whether you're a Home And Away fan or not, one of the show's most devoted fans has received a beautiful birthday surprise.
Daphne Greenfield celebrated her 100th birthday this past weekend at her Sydney nursing home with family and friends.
But the milestone wasn't complete without a surprise visit from another special guest - her favourite character Alf Stewart, aka Ray Meagher.
You can watch the moment (and try not to cry) when Ray surprised the centenarian in the video above.
Ray came with flowers in hand. (Channel Seven)
Despite wearing a COVID-appropriate mask which covered most of his face, Ray's entrance was unmissable and his greeting all-too distinguishable.
"Stone the flamin' crows, Daphne!" he chimed as he entered with a bouquet of flowers in hand.
Pulling his mask down from a safe distance, he allowed Daphne to see his face.
"Things are tough enough out in the world at the moment and to have little things like this happen to put a smile on everybody's face, it's fantastic," Ray told 7NEWS.
Daphne was delighted by the surprise. (Channel Seven)
The Summer Bay devotee has watched the show since it first began in 1988, never failing to miss an episode, even while recovering from a fall in hospital.
"I watched it all then... because I loved it so much," she recalled.
Daphne's friends and family had big plans for the milestone celebration, but were forced to abandon them when COVID restrictions came into place.
Daphne also received acknowledgments on reaching her 100th birthday from the Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Queen.
But we can guess they came in second to her visit from Ray.
Daphne has been watching Ray on Home And Away since the early days. (Channel Seven)
Having lived through the war, the Depression and now the coronavirus pandemic, Daphne credits her longevity to one simple trick – a stubby of beer a day.
"I don't feel old, so that's one thing, I just feel good," she said.

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