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Home and Away’s 2022 premiere date has been announced, and it’s just around the corner

The anticipation is peaking!

By Faye Couros
Now the year is about to really begin!
Home and Away has finally announced its official premiere date for 2022, and the show wants you to "Set your alarms! ⏰ ."
The soap's Instagram broke the news with a cryptic post breaking down the upcoming launch.
Seven dubbed their post the "Home and Away Countdown Clock," which traversed time from week to second.
It reported "1 week, 7 days, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes, and 604,800 seconds" at the time of posting.
The exciting program captioned its announcement, "It's exactly 604,800 seconds till #HomeandAway returns to our screens! 📺 ☀️ 🌊."
It's almost here! Instagram
The cryptic messaging translates to January 31.
In last year's season final Ryder (Lukas Radovich) and Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) filmed a video challenge of Ryder getting buried alive in a coffin.
They hoped it would earn them some cash through a live stream of the gimmick from an area in the bush for five hours.
But when Theo decides to stop watching over the site to get lunch, he trips over upon his return and falls down a ravine rendering him unconscious.
Home and Away's first episode back will deal with the consequences of Ryder being trapped underground with his oxygen supply running out.
He tries to call his friend Theo, but he is still knocked out, and when Ryder checks his livestream, he discovers he has 19 minutes of oxygen left.
How will the boys get out of this? Seven
Theo wakes up, but luck isn't on his slide because his leg is stuck under barbed wire, and his phone is inconveniently out of reach.
Meanwhile, Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) and Justin Morgan (James Stewart) ask each other if either had seen the boys, and they grow concerned as the hours tick by with no signs of the boys.
Justin seeks out Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) to ask her if she knows where they are to no avail.
Roo and Justin need to get to them in time. Seven
Luckily, he finds the friend's live stream of the burial challenge, and Roo fatefully recognises where they buried the coffin.
However, while they're uncovering their whereabouts, Ryder loses consciousness, and everything hinges on Roo and Justin getting to him in time.

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