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James Stewart’s twin brother Nick shares cheeky Home And Away cameo, which of course included official third Stewart - Alf

All three Stewarts in one place!

By Maddison Hockey
The uncanny resemblance between James Stewart and his brother Nick is to be expected given they're twins. And yet, the duo still have us doing a double take every time they are spotted together!
So similar in appearance are the brothers, that we think Nick could almost fill in for James on the set of Home And Away where he plays beloved character, Justin Morgan.
It's an idea that may have also crossed their minds, as Nick took to Instagram to share a cheeky snap from the set of the long-running soapie.
"The one time there were 3 Stewarts in Summer Bay #flamingallah" Nick captioned the behind-the-scenes photo referencing himself, his brother James and iconic character Alf Stewart.
Seeing double! Nick, on the far right, with some of the Home And Away cast and brother James behind Ray Meagher. (Instagram)
Unfortunately for us it doesn't look like Nick will be popping up on our screens just yet as the photo appears to be a throwback given Orpheus Pledger and Raechelle Banno have long departed the show.
It's not first time Nick has been spotted with Summer Bay stalwart, Ray Meagher aka Alf, however, sharing a photo with the man himself and his TV WEEK Logie Award in 2018.
Frankly, if we had a relative on the beloved show we'd consider every day bring-your-brother-to-work day, too.
Strewth! Nick rubs shoulders with the legendary Ray Meagher. (Instagram)
The 44-year-old who played bass guitar for Aussie rock band George also has a nine-year-old daughter, Grace, who is just a year older James' daughter Scout. The two girls could almost pass as twins, too, something they'd apparently love to be true!
"They think they're more twins than their dads," Nick has previously mused of the cute cousins' strong bond.

The daddy-daughter duo also regularly shares "twinning" photos together, much to our delight.
You can peep some of their best snaps in the gallery below, in the meantime we'll be eagerly awaiting and hoping for a Home And Away evil twin storyline.

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