Home and Away

Home and Away: Roo wants to make the ultimate sacrifice to save Martha's life, but will her mother allow it?

''They couldn't face losing Martha again.''

By TV Week team
The Stewarts are faced with more hard choices this week as Martha's condition worsens. Now, Roo could be the key to her survival, but it will take a huge sacrifice of her own.
At the hospital, Alf (Ray Meagher) tries to keep a weakened Martha (Belinda Giblin) in good spirits as they listen to doctor's advice.
Logan (Harley Bonner), who has been treating Martha since her admission to hospital reveals she requires a kidney transplant as soon as possible. However, she can continue dialysis at home if they can afford to make the arrangements.
At the hospital, Alf (Ray Meagher) tries to keep a weakened Martha (Belinda Giblin) in good spirits. (Seven)
"Since the poisoning, Martha's health has deteriorated quickly," Georgie tells TV WEEK. "They have been very worried about her and want a recovery. But unfortunately this isn't something where there is a quick fix."
For a brief moment, Alf has a new mission to bring his wife home. Roo (Georgie Parker) hopes she is a match for her mother's kidney transplant but warns her father not to get his hopes up. Feeling overwhelmed, Alf lets his anger fly – he is bringing Martha home! He has to.
The following morning, the Stewarts receive good news: Roo is a match and there's a slot open for surgery this week! Alf lets out a sigh of relief… but Martha isn't pleased.
If Roo donates her kidney, the health complications will last her entire life. She also can't bear the idea of taking an organ from her daughter.
Roo promises to consider her options carefully, but her mind is already made up. This is the only way.
"There were so many years that the Stewart family were apart, so since Alf and Martha found their way back to each other, the family has been so happy," Georgie says. "They couldn't face losing Martha again."
Later however, after Alf and Roo have headed home, Martha begins making funeral arrangements from her hospital bed.
"Martha doesn't want Roo to make such a huge sacrifice..." Georgie explains.
Has she given up?
Roo wants to donate her kidney to her mother, but Martha has concerns. (Seven)

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