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"I have to leave": Home And Away's Ben grapples with forgiveness as Maggie prepares to fly out

Is this the end of Ben and Maggie’s marriage?

By Tamara Cullen
It certainly looks like it in Home And Away this week when Maggie packs her bags and prepares to leave for Italy.
The international move isn't an easy decision for school principal Maggie (Kestie Morassi), who has repeatedly tried to keep her relationship alive.
But Ben (Rohan Nichol) is too angry to think straight, and can't forgive Maggie for sleeping with his brother Marco (Tim Walter) many years before and keeping it a secret.
Will his pride ruin everything?
Can Ben forgive and forget? (Channel Seven)
At the farmhouse, Maggie searches for her passport, while her daughter Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) implores her father to give the marriage another chance. He could lose her for good!
''Maggie can't take back what has happened or what has been said,'' Sophie, 26, tells TV WEEK. ''And for the first time, Ziggy has to imagine life without her family together.''
And when Alf (Ray Meagher) hearing that Maggie is leaving, he too suggests it's time Ben forgive.
Maggie decides it is time to go. (Channel Seven)
Later that night, Ben asks Maggie to reconsider her decision – if not for him, but for Ziggy. Maggie, however, finds it too painful to live in the same town as her ex, who she believes has moved on with Gemma (Bree Peters).
She then tells Ben that she will be on the first flight out in the morning.
As dawn arrives, Ziggy wakes to the sound of her boyfriend Dean (Patrick O'Connor) packing the car. He's planned a romantic road trip to take her mind off all that's going on at home.
Ziggy is delighted and the two take off on a bushwalking adventure. Yet in the bush, she can't seem to focus on anything but her family's troubles.
And when Dean gives a gift to celebrate a year together, Ziggy realises she's forgotten their anniversary!
Will Ben stop Maggie leaving? (Channel Seven)
Dean brushes it off, but the hurt is written all over his face. It's another blow to their suffering relationship…
''They're in this together, but Dean has had a stable family and finds it hard to relate,'' Sophie explains. "Then Ziggy can't focus, so they do feel a strain."
Back in Summer Bay, Maggie hits the road for the airport. Ben remains silent as she drives away, which affirms her decision to leave.
But as he mulls over his anger, the pain he's feeling is suddenly replaced by fear – he has to fight for his wife!
But Maggie has already left.
Can he reach her in time?
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