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“I love you, I miss you”: Touching tributes flow for Home And Away’s Ben and Maggie as they farewell the show

Arrivederci Summer Bay!

By Maddison Hockey
It hasn't been an easy year for Summer Bay couple Ben and Maggie Astoni, but in true Home And Away style, the couple got their happy ending, as they departed the tiny town for a life in Italy.
We watched as the couple faced their toughest trials yet.
Ben (Rohan Nichol) struggled with depression, falling into a dark place. As the head of the family, he felt he had failed the ones he loved as he battled with his mental health.
Just as Ben emerged from the other side, the family was rocked by scandal. Maggie (Kestie Morassi) was forced to come clean about her brief affair with Ben's brother before they were married.
Ben and Maggie are saying goodbye to Summer Bay. (Channel Seven)
The entire Astoni family was rocked by the revelation, but they've managed to overcome the betrayal. And as a result, Maggie and Ben chose to affirm their love and follow their dream of living in Italy.
Stronger than ever, the couple left the Bay.
As we watched and grabbed for the tissues, an outpouring of well-wishes and goodbyes came from fans and the cast.
Their on-screen daughter Ziggy isn't coping with her parent's departure, and the sentiment was similarly felt by actress Sophie Dillman as she shared a tribute to her "fake parents".
Sophie shared a series of BTS snaps. (Instagram)
Including this adorable candid pic! (Instagram)
"My two favourite fake parents ever. I love you and miss you," Sophie captioned the series of photos.
"Thank you for teaching me and loving me and putting up with me in the early mornings. Don't forget me when your famous.... again. Love Ziggy xxx."
Georgie Parker, who plays long-running character Roo, also shared some of her favourite photos from the set and this touching message: "Spoiler Alert for Overseas viewers. Where do I start? I love you, I miss you, and so does the whole Home And Away family. Enjoy Italy."
Georgie also shared some sweet photos. (Instagram)
Georgie said she was already missing her co-stars. (Instagram)
The close-knit cast weren't the only ones feeling melancholy about Ben and Maggie's farewell.
"I didn't realise both Maggie and Ben are leaving. At least they'll get a happy ending. The Astoni's are my favourite family and now there's just Ziggy left," one fan wrote on Twitter.
"So long Ben And Maggie #HomeAndAway," another commented.
Summer Bay won't be the same! (Instagram)
While others felt it was too soon to say goodbye to the beloved couple.
"I can't believe Ben and Maggie are leaving already! It feels like they just arrived..." a third fan wrote.
"So that's it, Ben and Maggie farewell the bay for a new life in Italy! Ben you've been gorgeous it's been a pleasure!" another shared.
And when words just didn't cut it, one fan simply share an animated gif that said it all.
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