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Home And Away fans may have found a major spoiler surrounding Mackenzie’s secret pregnancy to Ari

Uh oh!

By Maddison Hockey
Summer Bay's tense new love triangle between Ari, Mackenzie and Mia has taken a heartbreaking turn this week.
Torn over his feelings for ex, Mia, well-intending Ari has broken things off with new love, Mackenzie, to sort through his confusion.
Little does Ari know that Mac is secretly pregnant with his child!
It's the peak of soap opera drama and it's had fans in an absolute state, mostly of despair for poor heartbroken Mac.
Ari is torn between his two loves. (Channel Seven)
As Mac contemplates whether to keep the baby at all, a major spoiler has been pointed out by fans thanks to a cheeky pap photo.
In new photos from the Summer Bay set, shared by the Daily Mail, Emily Weir, who plays Mackenzie, and Rob Kipa-Williams, who plays Ari, are filming new scenes on the beach.
Mac can be seen carrying a surfboard and chatting to Ari before going for a dip, all the while sporting a floral yellow bikini and washboard abs, looking very much not pregnant.
However, with Home And Away filming approximately six months in advance and to a rigorous schedule, fans rationale the character may have still carried a child to term.
Fans have been wondering if Mac will keep the baby. (Channel Seven)
"In TV land you're only pregnant for about 4 months before you give birth. 😆," one fan commented.
"Since this is being filmed last week and this won't be showing for 5 to 6 months. I think she could of had the baby or had a miscarriage," another fan reasoned.
Speaking with TV WEEK about the storyline, Rob explained: "Ari never stopped loving Mia – many things were left unresolved between them."
"After spending time in prison, Ari has decided to live by a new set of rules and tries to be as honest as possible."
He then went on to add: "He loves Mia and Mac, which is why he needs to break up with Mac and figure out his feelings for Mia and what her being here means to him."
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