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Home And Away’s Mackenzie collapses AGAIN as she takes a turn for the worst

''She’s in so much physical and emotional pain.''

By Stephen Downie
A physically and emotionally shattered Mac pushes herself too far in Home And Away, collapsing for the second time in as many weeks. Now at her lowest point, will Mac ever fully recover?
Last week, fans were left reeling when Mac (Emily Weir) fell to the ground in agony. It was later revealed she had an ectopic pregnancy which caused a ruptured fallopian tube.
After emergency surgery, Mac's unborn baby was – heartbreakingly – unable to be saved. Now back at home, Mac struggles to deal with the loss of her baby. All alone as she stares at her pregnancy blog, thedespairing young woman breaks down.
Tane and Ziggy come to Mac's aid. (Channel Seven)
"Mac is completely burnt out and overwhelmed when she gets back home," Emily, 29, tells TV WEEK.
"She's in so much physical and emotional pain that she's checked out and becomes numb to the world."
Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) comes home to find Mac crying at the kitchen table. She tells Ziggy she feels like she's lost everything, including her baby.
Mac hadn't even told her ex, Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams), the baby was his.
The next morning, much to Ziggy's concern, Mac decides she's going back to work at Salt.
"She goes back to work so soon to distract herself from her trauma," Emily explains.
"After losing a baby and her partner all at once, she believes if she can keep busy, and her mind off things, she might have a chance of feeling better. Going to work is normal for her and what she thinks will be a good distraction."
Mac sobs in Ari's arms. (Channel Seven)
But when Ari shows up with Mia (Anna Samson) and tries to talk to Mac, she isn't having a bar of him.
"Being in the same room as Ari is way too painful for her," Emily shares. "Mac is completely rattled and confused and feels abandoned by Ari."
Burying herself in her work, a weary Mac suddenly suffers cramps and collapses downstairs at Salt. Ziggy and Tane (Ethan Browne) come to her aid, whisking her to hospital. Once there, doctors deliver the news…
"Mac's body hasn't had enough rest after her ectopic pregnancy," Emily says. "Moving around and being on her feet has inflamed her healing and causes a complication."
At her lowest ebb, Mac falls apart in Ari's arms when he comes to visit her in hospital. Poor Mac.

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