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EXCLUSIVE: Home And Away bombshell sees Leah arrested after Justin's ultimatum

How will she make it out of this mess?

By Stephen Downie
One of Summer Bay's favourites could be off to the slammer this week.
Leah is shocked beyond belief when, after handing over the money scammer Susie stole, she's told she's going to be arrested in Home And Away.
Last week, viewers saw Stephen (Bren Foster) charged with the murder of scam artist Susie (Bridie Carter), who fleeced Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin (James Stewart) of their life savings.
"It's our money - why can't we just keep it?" Channel 7
Secretly, Leah took the bag with $90,000 in cash Stephen had hidden in his motel room. This week, she decides to tell Justin she got their money back, adamant it's rightfully theirs, so they should keep it.
But Justin doesn't see things that way.
After all the trouble he's been in of late – including being arrested for assault while high on painkillers – the last thing he needs is one more run-in with police. Justin and Leah clash over the recovered cash.
"Leah believes it's their money and they deserve it," Ada, 44, explains to TV WEEK.
"They've been through hell, so this could change their lives."
What Justin does next stuns Leah. When they bump into police officer Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), Justin asks a hypothetical question about what would happen if the money was found.
Cash tells them not to get their hopes up about ever locating it.
With John and Justin on hand, Leah reluctantly turns in the bag of recovered money to cop Cash. Channel 7
Later, Justin gives Leah an ultimatum: hand in the money or he will.
When Leah and Justin decide to show John (Shane Withington) they have Susie's laptop, Cash shows up in the middle of their discussion. A panicked John tells Leah to conceal it.
Leah, however, knows what she must do – she reluctantly gives Cash the bag of stolen money. Then Cash drops a bombshell: he's going to arrest Leah and charge her with being in possession of stolen goods!
"She knows she will be arrested and, obviously, she's very scared," Ada explains.
"But she realises she did the wrong thing."
Poor Leah!

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