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Kieran’s return sends mum Martha spiralling on Home And Away

Kieran is back but not in the way fans expect...

By Stephen Downie
For the short time he was in Summer Bay, Martha's son Kieran was a bitter, booze-filled whirlwind.
His drinking spilled over into a vicious stoush with Alf, which saw him try to deck the stalwart before eventually fleeing town.
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Now, Kieran (Rick Donald) is back – but not in the way fans will expect.
Martha (Belinda Giblin) blames 
Alf (Ray Meagher) and daughter 
Roo (Georgie Parker) for Kieran's disappearance.
Oddly, she appeals to Irene (Lynne McGranger) for help, alleging Roo and Alf are holding her prisoner.
This is 
our first indication something isn't 
right with Martha.
When Martha sees Kieran that night, 
her wayward son apologises for hurting her.
It's at this moment that Alf and Roo see Martha – and she appears to be having a conversation with thin air!
Did Kieran just make another hasty exit?
"What's so interesting about this character is that he's not just the bad guy who's coming in and just stirring stuff up," Rick, 35, tells TV WEEK.
"He's really trying his best to make amends. He just can't get out of his own way."
Martha is hallucinating that she's seeing - and speaking to - her son Kieran. (Image: Channel Seven)
Roo and Alf know something is very wrong with an increasingly agitated Martha, but aren't sure what it is.
"Martha is spiralling, which is creating serious concerns about her mental health," Georgie, 56, explains.
By now it's obvious to viewers that Martha is having delusions.
"Roo has been told of her mother's mental health challenges, but when 
she sees Martha talking animatedly 
to herself, she realises it's extremely serious and knows her mother needs professional help," Georgie says.
But will Martha get the help she 
needs before it's too late?

Willow and Amber return to the Bay

Alf is clearly worried that Martha isn't herself. (Image: Channel Seven)
Dean is knocked sideways when 
two people he hasn't seen in months suddenly reappear in Summer Bay.
First, Willow (Sarah Roberts) shows up for the first time since her evidence at Colby's (Tim Franklin) murder trial effectively put him away.
Later, she makes a phone call, coaxing a mystery person to come to the Bay.
And soon, Dean is faced with the last person he expects to see: Amber (Maddy Jevic), the mother of their son Jai 
(River Jarvis).
Willow left last year without warning. (Image: Channel Seven)

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