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Home And Away favourite Justin’s life is on the line when he suffers a shock overdose

''Justin instantly knows he’s overdone it.''

By Stephen Downie
Justin's life is on the line after he accidentally overdoses on painkiller medication in heart-palpitating episodes of Home And Away this week.
Justin's (James Stewart) health problems can be traced to a recent near-fatal surfing accident, which has left him with severe back pain.
Desperate to be fit for the upcoming Summer Bay surfing contest, Justin upped the number of pills he was taking. Now, however, he finds himself feeding an ever-growing need for drugs.
Leah's is concerned about Justin's pain and medicating. (Channel Seven)
"Justin is really excited to enter the surf comp and feeling good after taking the pain medication," James, 45, tells TV WEEK.
"But right before he enters, his back flares up again, which causes him to take more medication – he knows that without it the pain will be too unbearable to compete."
His partner Leah (Ada Nicodemou), meanwhile, has been too distracted to notice Justin is in trouble.
In the wake of swindler Susie (Bridie Carter) cruelly stealing her and Justin's life savings, Leah has been obsessively tracking the fraudster's trail of destruction.
Justin's pain becomes too much. (Channel Seven)
Later, when Justin is a no-show for his competition heat, Leah begins to panic. She rushes home to find a clammy Justin writhing in agony, having overdosed on painkiller medication.
"As he lies on the floor, Justin instantly knows he's overdone it," James explains. "But he desperately wants to feel like himself again."
Unable to see or think clearly, Justin is in all sorts of strife. But when Leah tries to get him to go to the hospital, his response is to snap angrily at her.
Can Leah get Justin the help he so clearly needs before it's too late?

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