Home and Away

One of Home and Away's most iconic couples fall apart in heartbreaking scenes set to air this week

Is this really it?

By Tamara Cullen
They've been Summer Bay stalwarts for years, but in Home and Away scenes set to air this week, things go south between iconic couple John and Marilyn.
While John is slowly starting to regain his health, his marriage is rapidly falling apart.
As Marilyn concludes it's time to move on, will John let his wife just slip away?
For months now, fans have watched the couple face hurdle after hurdle.
Cracks first appeared in the wake of the fateful hospital siege, where Marilyn (Emily Symons) forged a bond with newcomer Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams).
But instead of communicating with his wife, John (Shane Withington) let jealously consume him.
"Marilyn got PTSD from the hostage situation and was a changed person upon her return," Shane, 61, tells TV WEEK.
"John was blindsided by the situation and taken completely by surprise."
Marilyn battles with leaving John after so many blissful years. (Channel Seven)
The Parata family from New Zealand, who are now a fixture in Summer Bay, continued to create problems in their marriage – at least according to John.
But Marilyn, who hasn't been able to get through to her husband, already had one foot out the door.
While Marilyn resigned herself to taking care of John, who is recovering from a brain aneurysm, their ability to communicate is no better.
As John has been recovering from a brain aneurysm, things between him and Marilyn have gone south. (Channel Seven)
John is aggressive, resentful and ungrateful towards those around him. Now, however, he's met his match in health care worker Amber (Maddy Jevic), who refuses to let stubborn John push her away.
"Amber's arrival is a breath of fresh air into a tired relationship...although she gives as good as she gets," Shane says.
Marilyn is grateful for the help, but admits to Roo (Georgie Parker) she still feels helpless.
She cares deeply for John, but knows their marriage is in trouble.
At home, Marilyn finds John has fallen over and races to help.
But instead of berating her, as he's been doing, the couple share a tearful exchange and admit that things just aren't working.
"John very bravely can see that Marilyn isn't happy and that it's not working," Shane explains.
"Perhaps it's time for both to go their own way and pursue their own goals and values."
The following day, Amber sets up an alert watch in case John falls again – and Marilyn, with no more reasons to stay, makes the heartbreaking decision to move out.
Does Marilyn's decision really spell the end of one of Summer Bay's most loved couples?

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