Home and Away

Inside Martha's terrifying hostage ordeal on Home And Away

Has volatile Kieran gone too far this time?

By Stephen Downie
First Kieran was in The Bay, swilling alcohol and stirring up trouble.
Then he was gone, appearing only to his agitated and hallucinating mother, Martha.
Now, he's back again – for real this time – and fans will be gobsmacked when booze-fuelled Kieran kidnaps Martha.
In this week's tense Home And Away, Kieran (Rick Donald) takes a terrified Martha (Belinda Giblin) hostage in a caravan, violently putting his hand over her mouth so she can't scream out to her beloved Alf (Ray Meagher) for help.
With no chance of escape, things are looking grim indeed for poor Martha.
The drama kicks off with an embarrassed and upset breaking down conceding to Alf and Roo (Georgie Parker) that what she'd previously thought was Kieran was a figment of her imagination.
Although Roo thinks it's a bad idea to take her out of the hospital, Alf decides to bring Martha home.
Kieran's presence shocks Martha. (Image: Channel Seven)
"Roo has been worried about Martha since Kieran's arrival," Georgie, 56, shares.
"Apart from the shock of finding out she has a brother, Roo feels like Martha has deceived her and Alf. She is not only concerned for Alf but also the health of the family."
Later, when Martha goes to a caravan to empty out Kieran's things, she's shocked to see Kieran inside. Is it him or another hallucination? Alf and Roo and convinced Martha's mind is playing tricks on her again, but they go with her to the van to make sure.
"Roo has been worried about Martha since Kieran's arrival.'' (Image: Channel Seven)
As they expect, the van is empty, but little do they know, conniving Kieran is hiding, watching them all. And that night, a crazed Kieran breaks into vans, feverishly gulping down whatever alcohol he can get his grubby mitts on.
When Alf and Roo go looking for Martha, they find her paints scattered everywhere, but no sign of Martha. Although they can tell there has been some kind of struggle.
When a worried Roo and Alf turn up, neither Martha or Kieran are to be found. (Image: Channel Seven)
Little do they know Kieran has a vicious hold on Martha in another van. He wants money from Martha for more alcohol. A worried Alf calls the police – but will get there in time?
"It's such an unlikeable thing when a man is aggressive towards a female, but it feels even worse when it's towards his own mother," Rick, 35, tells TV WEEK.
"I definitely think I won't have many supporters on the show. I think a lot of people don't like the way he treats people."

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